World Dryer AirMax Collection

The World Dryer AirMax Collection is the industry standard for high-speed hand dryers. With push button and automatic capabilities, these hand dryers are fantastic for sound-sensitive, high-traffic areas. The AirMax Collection can also be wall-mounted or recessed, so you can choose the right installation to make your space ADA compliant. Improve your business’ facilities with World Dryer today!

How do hand dryers work?

Hand dryers use high-speed fans that create air pressure to blow water particles off hands.

Where should I put a hand dryer from the World Dryer AirMax Collection?

The AirMax Collection design is ideal for sound-sensitive and high-traffic areas. Some examples include washrooms in schools, large offices, theaters, and retail stores.

How can I save money with the World Dryer AirMax Collection?

The AirMax Collection guarantees hand dryers with a long life. The longevity of these hand dryers will reduce the need for replacement and lower maintenance costs.

The AirMax Collection also offers hand dryers with dual push botton and automatic capabilities. You can adjust the setting to fit your needs. For instance, in a confined area, you may want to use the push button control so that you can avoid accidentally triggering the automatic sensor. This way, you can save money by not wasting energy.

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