World Dryer RA Series

The World Dryer RA Series offers durable, long-lasting hand dryers that can be surface-mounted or recessed for ADA compliance. With 50,000 hours of life and universal nozzles, these push-button hand dryers are ideal for high-traffic and sound-sensitive locations. Improve your business’ facilities with World Dryer today!

How do hand dryers work?

Hand dryers use high-speed fans to create air pressure that blows water particles off hands.

Where should I put a World Model RA hand dryer?

World Model RA hand dryers are perfect for sound-sensitive areas with heavy traffic. A few locations include bathrooms in schools, large offices, theaters, and retail stores.

Model RA hand dryers can also be recessed, so they will not obstruct any pathways. With this model, walkways can be accessible and ADA compliant.

How can I save money with a World Model RA hand dryer?

Model RA hand dryers and durable and resistant to vandalism. These hand dryers also last for 50,000 useable hours, which far exceeds the lifespan of competitor models. These factors mean that you will not have to worry about replacing your Model RA hand dryer, effectively reducing maintenance costs.

What is a universal nozzle?

For hand dryers, a universal nozzle refers to a nozzle that can be either fixed or swiveled.
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