World Dryer SLIMdri Collection

The World Dryer SLIMdri Collection offers energy efficiency, durability, and enhanced drying efficiency in various finishes and materials to fit perfectly with your decor. This surface mounted model has On/Off heating control and universal voltage. Shop HomElectrical to find which dryer meets your business needs today!

How do hand dryers work

Hand dryers use high-speed fans to create air pressure that blows water particles off hands.

What does universal voltage mean?

Universal voltage refers to the voltage range that is accepted worldwide. Different regions use different voltages for their electrical devices (for example, America uses 110-120 volts and Europe uses 220-240 volts). World Dryer SLIMdri dryers can accept 110-240 volts input making them the perfect solution to your commercial washroom needs.

How efficient is the SLIMdri hand dryer?

World Dryer's SLIMdri hand dryers can dry up to 40% faster than other commercial dryers.
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