World Dryer VERDEdri Collection

The World Dryer VERDEdri Collection combines fast drying time, enhanced sanitation, and energy efficiency. This dryer is customizable with two speeds to control airflow as well as noise level. Shop the World Dryer VERDEdri collection at HomElectrical to facilitate your business needs today!

How do hand dryers work?

Hand dryers use high-power fans to create strong air pressure that blows water particles off hands.

How is the VERDEdri dryer more hygienic that other hand dryers?

World Dryer's VERDEdri utilizes antimicrobial technology. Antimicrobial agents kill microorganisms and prevent the growth of bacteria, keeping your hand dryer sanitary from user to user.

What is a HEPA filter?

A HEPA filter is a filter system that is designed to remove contaminants from the air. You can purchase replacement filters for your VERDEdri system at Homelectrical HERE!

How is the VERDEdri efficient?

World Dryer's VERDEdri uses only 950 watts of power and you can adjust the airflow with two-speed motor control.

What does universal voltage mean?

Universal voltage means that World Dryer's VERDEdri collection accepts 110-240 voltage input and can accommodate any commercial washroom.
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