AFX Lighting

Located in Waukegan, Illinois, AFX Lighting operates as one of the largest energy efficient lighting manufacturers in the country. With bold and original designs, they continue to develop and expand their product lines to include environmentally smart fixtures. Choose HomElectrical to find breathtaking and state-of-the-art light fixtures from AFX Lighting!
AFX Lighting

AFX Lighting Outdoor Light

Find the right outdoor light fixture to brighten your doorway or entryway with this selection of stylish LED outdoor lights!

AFX Lighting Wall Sconce

Ranging from simple to elegant and stylish designs, you can add décor to your home with this selection of indoor and outdoor wall sconce options.

AFX Lighting Flush Mount

Upgrade your lighting with this subtle and simplistic selection of flush mount fixtures!

AFX Lighting Pendant Light

Brighten your living room, dining room, or entryway with this selection of pendant lights that blend modern and traditional designs with an artistic flair.

AFX Lighting Strip Light

Light offices, garages, and other public spaces with this selection of LED strip light fixtures!

AFX Lighting Retrofit Kit

Convert old fluorescent fixtures to LED with this selection of LED light engine retrofit kits!

AFX Lighting Undercabinet Light

Choose from a selection of white or bronze LED under cabinet lights to provide added illumination to your kitchen or workspace!

AFX Lighting Vanity Light

Find the perfect vanity light for your bathroom with this selection of fixtures ranging from modern and chic designs to traditionally styled fixtures.

AFX Lighting Semi Flush Mount

Update the old fixtures in your home with this selection of stylish semi flush mount ceiling lights!

AFX Lighting Downlight

Find a selection of 4 or 6-inch CCT selectable recessed downlight fixtures to brighten living rooms, bedrooms, or kitchens!

AFX Lighting Vaportight Light

Discover a selection of industrial grade LED vapor tight lights, including an option with an emergency battery back-up!

AFX Lighting Overbed Light

Find the perfect lighting for above your bed with this selection of sleek and stylish over bed lights!

AFX Lighting Fixed Rail Light

Shop a selection of LED fixed rail lighting fixtures available in linear or round models, satin nickel and polished chrome color finishes, and 3-, 4-, or 6-light options.

AFX Lighting Wall Pack

Provide the right amount of light to outdoor residential, commercial, and hospitality applications with this variety of LED wall packs and security lights.

Why choose AFX Lighting?

Beginning shortly before World War II, AFX Lighting continues to supply modern and energy efficient light fixture designs for commercial and residential markets. Formerly known as American Fluorescent, AFX Lighting has continued creating good quality products at affordable prices. Their fixtures fuse industrial design with an artistic flair to create optimal, aesthetically pleasing fixtures. As a front runner in design and efficiency, AFX Inc. continues to embrace new ideas in lighting.

They offer chic, new designs as well as updated, traditional styles to provide an efficient light option no matter the style.

AFX creates products using three driving forces: design, efficiency, and technology.

  • Design - they deliver lighting solutions that feature premium performance, efficiency, and style to maximize the quality of the lamp source technologies.
  • Efficiency - as an active partner with Energy Star, they supply a selection of highly efficient and environmentally friendly lighting options. Additionally, they stay compliant with new energy codes like the EPAct 2005 and Title 24.
  • Technology - they craft lighting designed to meet stringent efficiency codes while providing superior design.

What fixtures does AFX Lighting offer?

AFX Lighting offers a variety of LED light fixtures that work well in an office, living room, dining room, and other similar space. They also offer outdoor light fixtures with their selection of LED wall packs. Their light fixtures include:

  • Pendant lights
  • Wall sconces
  • Vanity lights
  • Flush mounts
  • Semi-flush mounts
  • Fixed rail lights
  • Wall packs
  • Strip lights
  • Overbed lights
  • Under cabinet lights

Should you choose a pendant or chandelier light?

A pendant light consists of a single light fixture that hangs from the ceiling. They may use a cord, rod, or chain. Pendant lights can function as a standalone option or work in a series to provide task lighting.

Chandeliers evoke luxury and typically feature a central body with multiple branches of lights. Chandeliers offer a grander, more decorative appearance than pendant lights. They typically serve as the focal point of the room. These options often provide ambient lighting.

When deciding between them, consider your price point. Chandeliers often cost more and feature a larger design. They work best in entryways, dining rooms, and living rooms. Pendant lights offer a cheaper alternative. Depending on the style, pendant lighting can work well in almost any room. They commonly see use over kitchen islands, dining room tables, and in entryways.

Why use a flush mount light?

Flush mounts install flush against the ceiling and direct light downward. This keeps dust and debris away from the bulb. These fixtures work well in rooms with low ceilings because of the low overhead clearance. They also offer a cost-effective lighting solution. Because they often feature a more simplistic design, they work well in areas that require little to no additional decoration, like closets or hallways.

AFX Lighting offers flush mount LED light fixtures that add a hint of decoration to your space. These simple yet stylish fixtures feature benefits including motion sensor and battery backup options. They also offer CCT selectable fixtures in a variety of colors to match your décor.

What is an overbed light?

Overbed lights provide light and visibility above a bed. Unlike table lamps or floor lamps, overbed lights add a subtle décor. They install on the wall to remain out of the way.

Overbed lights commonly see use in hospital rooms and senior care facilities. AFX Lighting’s decorative overbed lights work well in any indoor wall-mount application.

What is a fixed rail light?

Fixed rail lights work as a type of track lighting system. Traditional track light systems feature track heads that can move along the track. On fixed rail track lights, the light heads cannot move. However, they can pivot and swivel to direct light where you may need it. They often see use in living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, or other area where you need highlighting.

AFX Lighting offers stylish 3- and 4-light, 120 volt fixed rail options. Their 3-light option includes a circular design while their 4-light fixtures feature a linear design. They come in polished chrome and satin nickel and provide a warm 3000K color temperature.

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