AFX Lighting Wall Pack

Keep your building brightly lit with the right LED wall pack! AFX Lighting offers wall packs with a variety of benefits, including photocells, integrated LED modules, and more. Shop HomElectrical to find the right AFX Lighting wall pack and receive free shipping on qualifying orders over $75!

What is a wall pack?

Wall pack lights work as outdoor wall lighting or outdoor wall lights. They brighten the exterior of buildings and create visibility around walkways, pedestrian areas, outdoor furniture, outdoor benches, garages, and other exterior areas. They can also provide light to outdoor residential, commercial, and hospitality applications.

They offer different light distributions to provide the right amount of illumination. Common light distributions include:

  • Forward throw, also known as non-cutoff, wall packs distribute light outwards and work well in large areas, like entrances, schools, garages, and other public spaces.
  • Full cutoff distributes light downward to light a specific area. They work well to light small to medium areas and prevent light from shining upwards. They can brighten areas like narrow passageways or see use as security lighting.
  • Semi cutoff fixtures distribute light forward and down while still providing a wide light distribution. The way they distribute light provides a middle ground between forward throw and full cutoff options. They work well to light entryways or walkways.
  • Up & down options distribute light directly up and down with no outward light distribution. They work well in small areas to light specific features, like architectural designs.

Can you dim an LED wall pack?

While some LED wall packs can dim, not all can. Check the description of the product to make sure the fixture is capable of dimming. Options that dim can help save you energy in times of no or low activity. Currently, we carry only non-dimmable wall pack options from AFX Lighting.

To help save energy, you can also find wall packs that use photocells or motion sensors. Because wall packs often work dusk to dawn, they may include photocells to turn them on or off. A photocell senses ambient light levels so they can automatically turn the light on when it gets dark and shut if off when the sun comes out.

Motion sensors turn the light on when they sense physical movement. Where a photocell remains on all night long, motion sensors help save energy by only turning the light on when they detect motion.

How do I choose a wall pack?

First, consider the type of light distribution you need such as forward throw, full cutoff, semi cutoff, or up & down distributions. Next, consider the following:

Color temperature - the color temperature determines the color of the light emitted by the fixture. They often range between 3000K-5000K for commercial fixtures. 3000K provides a warm white that works well in homes and restaurants. 4000K provides a cool, natural white that works well for businesses. 5000K offers a vibrant, daylight white that works well in large areas and outdoors. However, check local codes as certain cities or areas may place requirements on the color temperature or style of light.

Lumens - Lumens measure the total amount of visible light produced by a light source. In short, it indicates brightness. You need more lumens to properly light a larger space, like an open, industrial area. You can use less lumens to properly light smaller spaces, like walkways.

Additional features - consider any features you may want the wall pack to have, like a photocell, motion sensor, or selectable CCT. A dusk-to-dawn photocell turns the light on at night and off once the sun rises. Motion sensors turn the light on when they detect motion. Selectable CCT fixtures allow you to select the color temperature from an offered selection.

How high should a wall pack be mounted?

Many manufacturers provide an ideal mounting height for their wall packs. Typically, how high they should mount depends on the number of lumens. The brighter the wall pack, the higher you can mount it.

When using them in wet locations, AFX Lighting wall packs must mount at least 48 inches above ground level.

Why choose AFX Lighting?

AFX Lighting offers award-winning decorative fixtures designed with a blend of artistic flair and industrial design. Aiming to provide a new look for energy efficiency, they use efficient LED technology to light up a variety of spaces. Their selection includes overbed lights, strip lights, fixed rail lights, ceiling lights, wall sconce fixtures, and more.

Their outdoor LED wall packs and security lights are ideal for security and general lighting. They offer an energy saving alternative to incandescent fixtures. They feature an integrated photocell and can mount to a standard junction box. You can also find options like this 12W LED wall pack which includes an integrated photocell, clear acrylic prismatic diffuser, and crisp 5000K color temperature.

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