AFX Lighting Vaportite Light

AFX Lighting offers vapor tight light fixtures that work well in industrial applications. Find options with a crisp 4000K color temperature and impact resistant polycarbonate housing. Shop and receive free shipping on qualifying orders of AFX Lighting vapor tight light fixtures!

What is vapor tight lighting?

Vapor tight lights feature a sealed, gasketed design. They work well in indoor or outdoor areas where they may see exposure to water, humidity, or dust. Vapor tight fixtures can see use in a variety of applications, including parking garages, car washes, walk-in refrigerators, shopping centers, and more. You can commonly find vapor tight linear strip fixtures, which may pendant or ceiling mount, or jelly jar lights, which can work as ceiling or wall lighting.

Vapor tight LED light fixture options offer an energy efficient alternative to compact fluorescent (CFL) or incandescent lights. An LED vapor tight fixture will last longer than a conventional fluorescent light. Unlike CFLs, LEDs work well in cold temperatures so they can still operation efficiently in large-scale refrigeration or cold storage. LEDs do not emit heat and the low temperature actually helps them thrive as the cold temperature allows for less stress on the driver that power them.

Is vapor tight lighting the same as explosion proof lighting?

Vapor tight lighting is not the same as explosion proof. While some vapor tight lights may be explosion proof, they do not mean the same thing. To be explosion proof, the fixture must consist be designed specifically for this purpose. Explosion proof fixtures must protect against certain materials, dusts, gases, or liquids. Not every vapor tight or vapor proof fixture can work in those environments.

Additionally, explosion proof lights aren’t all vapor proof. They work in hazardous locations and, in the event of an internal explosion, they contain the explosion inside the fixture. This helps prevent external explosions from occurring. However, they may still allow vapor or gas inside the fixture.

Check the description of the light to find out if it's explosion proof. AFX Lighting vapor tight fixtures are not explosion proof. They cannot see use in hazardous locations that require explosion proof lighting.

What is the difference between vapor tight and vapor proof?

Vapor tight and vapor proof lights offer different types of protection. A vapor tight fixture protects against exposure to dust and wet conditions. Vapor proof fixtures feature a durable die-cast housing. This housing allows the lamp sockets and wiring to remain protected against moisture, rain, non-combustible dusts, corrosive fumes, and non-explosive gases and vapors.

Why choose AFX Lighting Vaportite fixtures?

AFX Lighting offers their industrial grade Vaportite LED VTL series of vapor tight lights. Designed for applications requiring an industrial grade fixture, they can see use anywhere dirt, dust, humidity, and cold temperatures are present. These fixtures feature a fully gasketed and impact resistant polycarbonate housing. Snap fit polycarbonate latches provide a tight fit between the lens and housing.

They use integrated LED modules and feature a cETLus listing for wet locations. These fixtures offer 50,000 rated hours and 90 CRI. This 34W LED Vaportite light includes an emergency battery backup.

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