AFX Lighting Downlight

Create the perfect layered lighting design in your home with AFX Lighting downlight fixtures! AFX Lighting offers recessed downlight fixtures that can illuminate corridors, closets, kitchens, and more. Forget local stores; browse to find a selection of quality LED AFX Lighting downlights for your home!

What is the difference between a recessed light and a downlight?

Recessed lights install into an opening in the ceiling, ground, or wall. They can provide downlighting, uplighting, or wall washing. Downlights act as a type of recessed lighting that installs in the ceiling and direct light downwards. They work well in areas that lack room for hanging lights like pendant lights or mini pendants and often see use in living rooms, bedrooms, closets, and kitchens.

Downlights consist of the housing, electrical components, trim, and the bulb or light source. Some LED fixtures may offer a slimmer design that uses integrated LED modules instead of a replaceable bulb. AFX Lighting offers LED recessed downlights that use integrated LED modules for a slim, low-profile design.

What is the purpose of recessed lighting?

Recessed lighting offers an understated design which makes them ideal for rooms with low ceilings. Without a light source sticking down into the room, it creates a clean, open look. They also help the room feel bigger since they take up less visual space and can create a wall wash effect. Combine recessed lighting with other fixtures to create layered lighting.

Recessed downlights create a directional beam, directing the light downward. Avoid placing them directly over a mirror because the light shines down on your head, creating unflattering shadows.

Why choose AFX Lighting?

AFX Lighting offers a wide selection of fixtures to brighten homes and offices. Their fixtures fuse an industrial design with artistic elegance to provide both style and function.

AFX Lighting recessed light fixtures include their Tuck series of low profile downlights. These fixtures can see use in a variety of locations, including corridors, closets, baths, hallways, kitchen, and anywhere you may need general lighting. Available in 4- or 6-in options, the Tuck series offers 50,000 rated life hours and an adjustable color temperature. They come in a white color finish. Additionally, they feature an insulated contact (IC) rating so they can safely install in ceilings with insulation.

What does CCT selectable mean?

CCT selectable fixtures allow you or the installer to adjust the correlated color temperature (CCT) of the fixture. The CCT indicates the color of the white light emitted by the bulb. These color temperatures can range from a warm white similar to candlelight up to a blue hue that resembles daylight. Lower color temperature work well in residential and hospitality locations while higher temperatures work well in commercial or industrial locations.

Selectable CCTs give you options when choosing a fixture. You can change the color temperature to match the needs of the room. Depending on the type of fixture, the color temperature may need to be chosen at the time of installation. However, some offer a switch or remote that allows you to adjust the temperature as needed.

AFX Lighting Tuck series fixtures include a switch inside the metal splice box.

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