AFX Lighting Fixed Rail Light

Upgrade your space with modern lighting designs when you use AFX Lighting fixed rail track lighting! AFX Lighting offers energy efficient LED fixed rail lights to light up your living room, retail environment, or any space that could use highlighted illumination. Choose AFX Lighting fixed rail light fixtures to bring quality lighting to your space! Shop HomElectrical to get free shipping on qualifying orders over $75.

What is track lighting?

Track lighting features a support track or rail and supplies electricity down the entire line of track. Like a bulb connecting to a socket, the entire fixture gets energy from the track. Light fixtures, known as track heads, slide along the track, allowing you to direct light where you need it.

Traditional track light systems work well in areas where you cannot use recessed lighting, like in areas with beams. Track lights can typically mount to or suspend from the ceiling or attach to beams. They often see use highlighting aspects of the home, like artwork or family photos, but they can also work in hallways or living rooms.

What is a fixed track light?

As a type of track system, fixed rail or fixed track lighting also features a track and light heads. On traditional track lighting, the light heads can move along the track. On fixed rail lighting, these heads cannot move. They remain in a fixed location along the track. Though they cannot move, these heads can swivel and pivot to direct light where needed.

Fixed rail lighting may mount to the ceiling or wall, which allows for more versatility over traditional track lighting. You can use them in a living room, kitchen, dining room, or other area that requires highlighting.

Why choose AFX Lighting fixed rail lights?

AFX Lighting offers award-winning, decorative fixtures designed to fuse industrial styles with artistic flair. They embrace energy efficient lighting by offering many LED lighting fixture options, including flush mount, semi flush mount, overbed lights, pendant lights, wall lighting like wall sconces, and more.

Fixed rail AFX track lighting options include LED fixed rail track lighting kits, so you avoid the hassle of buying the pieces separately. They offer stylish fixtures like the 4-light 26W LED Cantrell and 26W LED Chappelle options. They both feature a stylish satin nickel finish with a clear lacquer topcoat. Both models use integrated LED modules to provide light. The Cantrell LED option features square light heads while the Chappelle features round options.

They also offer a linear 4-light LED Gage fixed rail and round 3-light LED Gage fixture which feature a polished chrome finish.

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