AFX Lighting Semi Flush Mount

Replace the outdated lights in your bedroom or hallway with stylish semi flush mount ceiling lights from AFX Lighting! Discover options like their industrial LED Austin fixture or their sleek Carlisle fixtures, which feature integrated LED modules. Skip the local store and find the AFX Lighting semi flush mount light that matches your home at! Receive free shipping on qualified orders over $75.

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What is the difference between flush mount and semi-flush mount?

As ceiling light fixtures, semi flush and flush mount lights offer an easy way to light an entire room. The major difference between flush mount and semi flush mount light fixtures lies in their installation and design. Flush mounts install flush against the ceiling with no gap between the ceiling and the fixture. They only give off downlighting.

Semi flush mounts suspend further from the base, leaving a gap between the base of the fixture and the bowl or light source. This allows them to give off both up and downlighting. Semi flush mounts can hang around 4-8 inches below the ceiling. Unlike pendant lighting, which lowers the light source away from the ceiling, these lights remain relatively close.

Though both styles can offer a decorative addition to a space, semi-flush mounted fixtures typically feature a more ornate design than flush mounts.

Where do you use a semi flush mount light?

Though you may want a statement piece, like a chandelier or pendant, in living rooms or a dining room, the rest of your home can benefit from stylish fixtures like semi flush mounts. Semi flush mount lights can add ambient light to bedrooms, hallways, closets, stairways, and small foyers.

Though flush mounts often see use with ceilings between 7-8 feet high, semi flush options can work with ceilings a bit higher, around 9-10 feet high. For taller ceilings, consider a pendant light or chandelier.

Why choose AFX Lighting semi flush mounts?

AFX Lighting offers a selection of LED semi flush mount fixtures that feature either an industrial design, like their 60W LED Austin, or a sleeker, more modern design like their LED Carlisle options. You can find these options available in different wattages.

The 60W Austin fixture requires two A19 light bulbs with a medium, E26 base. This fixture provides an industrial design with a square bar stock frame construction. The back plate consists of die-formed 22-gauge steel and includes standard mounting holes and hardware.

Their Carlisle collection of LED semi flush mounts use integrated LED modules to provide light. It consists of stylish satin nickel metal trim bands and a vacuum formed diffuser. They provide selectable CCT with options of 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K. You can find 12W, 27W, and 35W LED options.

They also offer their Cortez series available in 30W, 42W, and 60W options. The Cortez series features a sheer, organza outer shade and a white linen inner shade, finished with an acrylic white diffuser inner shade.

What is selectable CCT?

CCT stands for Correlated Color Temperature. This measures the color of the white light emitted by the bulb or fixture in Kelvins (K). Often, the bulb determines the CCT. But, in integrated LED fixtures, the fixture itself offers its own CCT. Many bulbs and fixtures provide only a single CCT. This means that, if the color of the light doesn’t match the ambiance you’re looking for, you need to purchase a new one.

Selectable CCT allows you to change the CCT to fit the space instead. Some fixtures require the installer to select the temperature at the time of installation. However, you can often find options that allow you to select a different color temperature using a switch or remote.

Most selectable color temperature options offer set color temperatures to choose from. Color temperatures can range between 1000K to 10000K, but you can commonly find residential LED options between 2700K-6500K.

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