AFX Lighting Undercabinet Light

Brighten work spaces and kitchen areas with the right amount of light using AFX Lighting under cabinet lighting! AFX Lighting under cabinet light fixtures offer a low profile design and use integrated LED arrays. They offer linkable fixtures that carry a cULus listing for indoor damp locations. Choose from a selection of bronze or white fixtures. Shop HomElectrical to find the perfect LED under cabinet lighting from AFX Lighting! Free shipping on qualified orders over $75.

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What is the purpose of under cabinet lighting?

Under cabinet lighting provides task lighting in areas like kitchen counters or workspaces. They blend seamlessly beneath the cabinet, supplying light without an obvious fixture. Though they most commonly see use beneath upper wall kitchen cabinetry, they can also work inside or above cabinets, in display cases, below countertops, or in toe kick areas at the base of a cabinet.

They work best for task lighting, allowing you to read recipes with ease or chop vegetables safely. They also provide depth to your lighting design and provide a soothing light at night. Under cabinet lighting may also add resale value to a home!

What type of fixtures can you use for under cabinet lights?

Under cabinet lighting can come in a variety of fixture types. You can often find puck lights, strip/tape lights, rope lights, or fixtures.

A puck light offers a small, circular design shaped like a hockey puck. They require proper spacing as they cannot stretch the length of the cabinet like other options. They work best for accent lighting as they create pools of light instead of a continuous beam. They also commonly use batteries, but some options can use line or low voltage.

A tape light, also known as a strip light, use a flexible strip embedded with LEDs to provide light. They often include an adhesive back and may operate using a standard outlet. But installing these can get tricky so we recommend using a professional for installation.

A rope light houses lighting, usually incandescent or LED, inside a long, cylindrical tube. The tube typically consists of plastic but it can be made of other heat-resistant materials. This clear material allows the light through and often see use for indoor or outdoor decorative lighting. They also work well for under cabinet lighting.

An LED light bar provides even, uniform lighting along with a polished appearance. These options work well for kitchens and may link together to operate on the same switch.

Why use LED under cabinet lights?

Other types of under cabinet lighting, like xenon or halogen lights, can produce heat that can damage the food or objects stored in or beneath the cabinet. They may even produce enough heat to cause damage to the cabinet itself.

LEDs generate less heat than other types of lighting. This means you can use LED under cabinet lights without worrying about melting food or ruining its freshness! LED lights also offer an energy efficient alternative to other lighting types since they use less wattage.

Why use an AFX Lighting undercabinet light?

Their Koren under cabinet lights provide Energy Star qualified task lighting in kitchens, study areas, and displays. These fixtures feature a low profile design and can link up to 200 watts. They use integrated LED arrays and feature user selectable CCT. With the flick of a switch, you can choose between 2700K, 3000K, and 4000K color temperatures.

AFX under cabinet lighting fixtures offer additional benefits, such as:

  • Includes High/Low switch
  • 100,000 rated hours
  • 90 CRI
  • cULus listed for indoor damp locations
  • UL rated for undercabinet/convertible/linkable mounting
  • Energy Star qualified
  • Title 24/JA8 compliant
  • Options ranging from 9-40 inches in length
  • Dimmable using standard 2-wire (TRIAC) wall dimmers or electronic low voltage dimmer switches (not included)
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