AFX Lighting Retrofit Kit

Convert your existing fluorescent fixtures into an energy saving LED fixture with an AFX Lighting retrofit kit! AFX Lighting offers LED adjustable color retrofit kits designed to convert fixtures like wall sconces and ceiling lights to LED. Make your fixtures last up to five times longer with an AFX retrofit kit!

What is an LED retrofit kit?

LED retrofit kits consist of hardware and parts that install into a fixture to replace the existing light. This allows you to keep your current fixture but still switch to LED!

Retrofit kits commonly see use in commercial applications, but they can work in certain residential fixtures as well. Retrofit kits can only work with certain types of fixtures due to their shape and installation type. AFX Lighting offers LED kits that work in wall sconce and ceiling applications.

What is a light engine?

An LED light engine consists of an integrated assembly of one or more LED diodes, modules, or arrays. Light engines typically include the optical, mechanical, electrical, and thermal components required to function. They usually only need input voltage to operate.

AFX Lighting light engine retrofit kits are direct wired with constant current, low voltage drivers. They use LED modules to produce light. Power supply connects can be made inside the fixture.

To learn more about light engines, check out our blog LED Light Engine vs. LED Light Module.

What retrofit kits does AFX Lighting offer?

AFX Lighting offers adjustable color retrofit kits in circular and non-circular arrangements. Their circular kits replace circline lamps. Their other retrofit kits replace ceiling and wall lamps. Though they feature a damp location rating, these kits work in indoor applications only. This means they cannot see use with an outdoor wall sconce or other outdoor wall lights.

They offer these additional features:

  • Easy installation with minimal cutting and magnetic mounting
  • Last up to five times longer than fluorescent
  • Adjustable color - 3000K or 4000K
  • Indoor applications

Their circular retrofit kits include a constant current LED driver rated for 120 VAC/60Hz. They’re dimmable down to 5% using a standard 2-wire TRIAC, or electronic low voltage (ELV) dimmer. They also recommend using them only in luminaires with a lamp compartment whose dimensions measure 8-inches in diameter, and a 3-inch depth minimum.

Their other retrofit kits include a constant current low voltage electronic LED driver rated for 120-277 multi-volt. They include aluminum based mounting magnets and hardware.

What are lumens?

Lumens measure the brightness of the light. Indicated by ‘lm,’ the higher the number of lumens means the brighter the light emitted. When choosing lighting, think of the lumens instead of the watts for brightness.

Wattage indicates the amount of power used. Since LEDs use a much lower wattage but still supply a bright light, wattage no longer works as a good brightness indicator.

What color temperature do I need?

The color temperature you need depends on where you plan to use the fixture! Common color temperatures seen in residential and commercial locations include:

2700K - a warm white that provides a warm and cozy ambiance. Often used in hospitality locations, like a restaurant or hotel, or residential locations, like a living room.

3000K - a soft white that creates a warm, relaxing ambiance. Often used in residential rooms, like a living room, dining room, or bedroom.

3500K - a neutral white that works well in retail stores and offices.

4000K - a bright white light that suits task lighting applications. Commonly sees use in a kitchen, office, or workspace.

5000K - a crisp white light similar to daylight. Often sees use in industrial and commercial applications.

AFX Lighting light engine retrofit kits offer adjustable color temperatures. They allow you a choice between a warm white 3000K or cool white 4000K.

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