Whynter LLC.

Enhance your life with Whynter appliances and refrigeration products. Whynter offers energy-efficient solutions ranging from dehumidifiers to a smart oven. Shop Whynter at HomElectrical to upgrade your life today!
Whynter LLC.

Whynter Ice Maker

Keep cool with Whynter ice makers! Shop HomElectrical for a Whynter built-in, freestanding, countertop, or portable ice maker today!

Whynter Ice Cream Maker

Make your own ice cream any day with a Whynter ice cream maker! Shop HomElectrical for countertop ice cream makes from Whynter and make ice cream and other frozen desserts!

Whynter Refrigerator & Freezer

Whynter makes a wide variety of combo refrigerator/freezers and upright freezers that fit the needs of any space. Shop HomElectrical to explore the collection today!

Whynter Dishwasher

A portable countertop dishwasher sits on top of your counter and uses water from your sink instead of a permanent hookup. Shop HomElectrical for a Whynter countertop dishwasher today!

Whynter Oven

Get everything you need to cook a meal in one device with a Whynter oven! Shop HomElectrical today for all your kitchen appliance needs from Whynter!

Whynter Dehumidifier

Make your room cooler and healthier when with a Whynter dehumidifier. Shop HomElectrical to to explore the portable dehumidifier collection from Whynter!

Whynter Cigar Humidor & Cooler

A cigar humidor & cooler keeps stores your cigars at the proper humidity and keeps them cool. Find the perfect Whynter cigar humidor at HomElectrical today!

Whynter Beverage Cooler

Keep your beverages cool with a Whynter beverage cooler! Shop HomElectrical to discover the Whynter collection of beverage coolers!

Whynter Wine Cooler

Store your wine at an optimal temperature with a Whynter wine cooler. Shop HomElectrical to find your wine refrigerator today!

Whynter Portable Air Conditioner

Whynter portable air conditioners cool a room with no need for permanent installation. Discover Whynter portable air conditioners at HomElectrcial today!

Whynter Portable Refrigerator

Keep your food and drinks cool with a portable refrigerator/freezer from Whynter. Shop HomElectrical for a wide variety of Whynter portable refrigerator options!

What products does Whynter offer?

Whynter offers a wide variety of products to take care of your refrigeration and HVAC needs. These include Air Comfort, Outdoor Living, Lifestyle, and Refrigeration appliances.

Air Comfort products include portable air conditioners and dehumidifiers. Portable air conditioners sit on the floor and vent out of a window. They plug into a standard household 110-volt outlet, making them perfect for a variety of spaces with a window. Compared to window AC units, portable air conditioners have easier mobility and allow you to open and close your windows.

They also offer dehumidifiers for air comfort improvement. Dehumidifiers remove excess moisture from the air, which helps promote health. They also make the room feel cooler without needing to change the thermostat. Whynter dehumidifiers offer different operational modes and humidity ranges to fit your needs.

Outdoor Living includes portable freezers and outdoor beverage refrigerators. Whynter portable freezers work in a variety of on-the-go spaces, including boats, campsites, fishing trips, and RVs. Some also work as fridge freezers, allowing you to convert from fridge to freezer based on your needs. Each outdoor fridge freezer offers premium quality you can’t get anywhere else!

Lifestyle includes the Intelligent Oven, the countertop dishwasher, and cigar humidors. The intelligent oven has many cooking modes, including an air fryer and yogurt maker. The countertop dishwasher washes up to 6 place settings, perfect for vacation homes or other spaces with no permanent installation. Cigar humidors store your cigars at the right temperature and humidity levels for preservation.

Refrigeration products include upright freezers, ice cream makers, beverage refrigerators and wine coolers, cigar humidors, ice makers, and portable freezers. Upright freezers provide freezing solutions while saving space. They work well in spaces such as offices, garages, and basements . Whynter offers many stainless steel beverage refrigerator and wine cooler options to store your drinks. This saves space in your main fridge and can install in your ideal entertainment location . Dual zone wine refrigerators allow you to store both red and white wine at different temperatures at the same time.

Why choose Whynter?

Whynter appliances offer modern, convenient solutions that make everyday life a little easier. They combine form and function by offering products that save space and look good. They make the environment a top priority, as every product has Energy Star certification. This gives you peace of mind, because you don’t have to worry about harming the planet or your energy bill.
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