Whynter Portable Refrigerator

Whether you plan to go on a day trip or major expedition, you can keep your food and beverages cool with a Whynter portable refrigerator and freezer. Whynter makes a wide variety of easy-to-transport portable refrigerators and freezers. Shop HomElectrical to find the perfect portable refrigerator today!

Where can I take a portable refrigerator?

Portable refrigerators work in a variety of on-the-go applications, such as on an RV, boats, campsites, fishing trips, and much more. These units have a compact design and easy installation: just plug them into a power source. Bring your fridge/freezer anywhere and enjoy food and beverages chilled or frozen wherever you go!

Do not confuse Whynter portable freezers with novelty and beverage type coolers! A cooler simply keeps food and beverages insulated, while a portable refrigerator works to achieve a desired temperature. Whynter makes a true freezer/refrigerator, which cools between -8 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

What features do Whynter portable refrigerators offer?

Whynter offers a wide variety of portable refrigerators/freezers that provide a cost effective and mobile solution for your recreational and critical freezing requirements. Sizes include 34, 45, 62, 65, 85, 90, and 95-quart options. Most units have a gray color finish, but Whynter also offers a 45-qt option in camouflage. These units come with both an AC and DC power cord to fit the power source at any location. Many units include wheels to make mobility as easy as possible.

Most units include both a freezer and refrigerator function, so you can choose according to your needs, but the 90-qt Portable Fridge & Freezer Combo includes dual zones so you can use both functions at once. Each Whynter portable fridge/freezer offers 1 to 3 removable wire baskets. Other features on these units may include LED temperature display, an open-door warning system, power low indicator, and interior lights.

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