Whynter Ice Maker

Keep your drinks cool with a Whynter ice cube maker! Whynter makes many types of ice makers that come in different sizes, colors, and ice cube types. Shop HomElectrical and find the perfect ice maker machine!

What is the difference between a portable and countertop ice maker?

Designed to remain in one fixed location, countertop ice makers include a direct connection to the water line. Portable ice makers also sit on the countertop, but they offer a distinction from countertop ice makers. Instead of connecting to the water line, portable ice makers include a water tank that users can fill, which the machine uses to produce ice cubes.

Whynter offers a 27-lb capacity portable electric countertop ice maker, with color options in silver, black, and red. This compact ice maker takes up very little space on your countertop and offers two size choices for the bullet-shaped ice cubes. It makes 9 ice cubes every 10-15 minutes and includes an ice scoop and ice bin.

Additionally, Whynter makes an easy-to-clean 49-lb capacity ice maker in stainless steel. It produces 12 bullet-shaped ice cubes every 10-15 minutes, and offers a choice between small, medium, and large ice sizes. It includes a control panel with digital controls and soft-touch buttons. Whynter makes two options: a portable option and a countertop option with a water connection.

Whynter also offers a 22-lb countertop ice maker that makes 22 lbs of bullet-shaped ice cubes every 24 hours. It offers a choice between using the 2-liter water reservoir or a 12-ft direct water line connection. You can choose small or large ice cubes.

What is a built-in ice maker?

Unlike a countertop machine, a built-in ice maker can be “built-in” under counters and in cabinets, since the front venting design requires no clearance around the sides of the unit. Whynter makes a 12, 44, and 50-lb capacity ice maker that has both built-in and freestanding options. The 12-lb capacity ice maker produces 12 lbs of crescent ice per day and stores up to 6 pounds of ice. It includes an ice scoop and bin, a one-button operation, manual defrost, and a 9-ft ¼-in food grade water line connection. In addition to these features, the 44 and 50-lb options include a reversible door swing. The 50-lb option makes cubed ice.

What is a Marine Ice Maker?

Whynter offers a Marine Ice Maker specifically designed for boats, yachts, and RVs. It produces 23 lbs of ice per day and stores up to 12 lbs. Installation options include freestanding, undercounter, or in-cabinet installation with no clearance required around the sides. It has a front vented design that allows for a seamless appearance. It includes a 5-ft ¼-in food grade water line connection.

The marine ice maker includes other features that make it suited for mobile environments, such as a latch-lock to keep the door closed while moving, while still allowing easy access. It uses less than 3 gallons of water to produce 23 lbs of ice, so you don’t have to worry about your water supply on the go.

What are the different types of ice cubes?

Whytner ice makers make a variety of ice cube shapes that work in different types of drinks.

Full cubes make for the best all-purpose ice cubes. Their slow melting time makes them suited for many uses, such as chilling a drink and keeping a cooler cold. The 50-lb capacity Built-In/Freestanding Ice Maker makes full cubes.

Often seen in a commercial ice making machine, bullet-shaped ice cubes feature a cylinder shape with a rounded end, and a hole in the middle which allows it to melt evenly. They quickly chill drinks, and their small size makes them easy to blend. Whynter products that make this type include the 49-lb capacity portable ice makers, the 22-lb Capacity Ice Maker and Water Dispenser, the 44-lb Capacity Built-In/Freestanding Ice Maker and the 27-lb capacity portable ice makers.

Crescent ice resembles a crescent with a flat half and a rounded half. Due to their hardness and large size, crescent ice cubes work best in coolers and large cups. Their shape makes them melt slowly, perfect for a hot day, and prevents splashing when pouring a drink. Whytner products that make this type include the Marine Ice Maker and the 12-lb capacity built-in ice maker.

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