Whynter Wine Cooler

Store your wine collection in a temperature-controlled environment with a Whynter Wine Cooler. Whynter makes a wide variety of built-in and freestanding wine and beverage refrigerators to hold all your drinks. Shop HomElectrical for the perfect Whynter wine fridge today!

What are the uses of wine coolers?

A wine cooler, also called a wine refrigerator, refers to a specialized type of refrigerator that stores wine bottles at a regulated temperature to ensure optimal aging and freshness. Wine coolers differ from regular refrigerators in that they include a temperature range that works specifically for wine bottles, and they also include shelves designed to store wine bottles. Many wine coolers include a display shelf that allows for stand-up storage, best for open wine bottles. This shelf also gives users the opportunity to put their wine bottles on display for their guests.

Different types of wine require different storage temperatures. A single zone unit stores either red or white wine. Dual temperature zone wine refrigerators include separate temperature zones for storing both red and white wine. Some wine coolers include dual zones for a beverage can center as well. This allows you to store a wider variety of drinks for parties or other events.

What wine cooler options does Whynter offer?

Whynter offers many unique features in their wine coolers that makes them the superior wine storage solution! Whynter offers both built-in and freestanding options.

A built-in wine fridge uses front ventilation, which allows it to install under a countertop or flush with a cabinet. Whynter offers both single and dual-zone options for storing different types of wine, as well as wine bottle/beverage can dual zone options. Their built-in models feature a stainless steel trimmed glass door with a black cabinet. The adjustable shelves come in stainless steel or wood options. Bottle capacity varies from 17 to 164 bottles of wine.

A freestanding wine fridge does not need a built-in installation, making them perfect for any room. Many of Whynter’s built-in models offer a freestanding option, but Whynter also makes freestanding-only models. Keep in mind that you cannot install a freestanding model in cabinet or under a countertop since they don’t have freestanding setup. Their freestanding models offer stainless steel and black cabinet options. They have black or wooden shelves. Bottle capacity ranges from 34-bottle to 124-bottle.

Additional features on both types of models may include:

  • Interior LED lighting
  • Reversible door swing
  • Activated charcoal filter
  • Lock and keys
  • UV protection
  • Temperature memory function to remember the set temperature in the event of a sudden outage
  • Auto defrost
  • Humidity control tray
  • Digital or touch screen LED temperature control
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