Whynter Portable Air Conditioner

Keep cool with a Whynter portable air conditioner! Whynter offers a wide variety of portable air conditioners for temporary cooling needs. Shop HomElectrical and find the perfect portable air conditioner today!

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Where can I use a portable air conditioner?

Portable indoor air conditioners cool a room without permanent installations. These can include residential spaces, offices, classrooms, garages, sunrooms, attics, and more! Portable air conditioners can also supplement a central HVAC system to provide cool air in spaces that need a little extra help. They take up less space than a window air conditioner since they sit on the floor. This means they don’t block the view and allow you to open the window.

They also have an easy installation process compared to window units. Just vent the unit into the window, and remove it when needed.

What features do Whynter portable air conditioners offer?

Whynter offers many unique features in their portable air conditioners that make them stand out. The units’ compact design saves space in small rooms. Wheels allow users to easily transport the unit from room to room.

Whynter portable ac units offer several energy efficient features. Many models use a patented advance auto drain technology. This process recycles moisture collected during the cooling process. All models use eco-friendly refrigerant and come without the ozone-hurting chemical CFC so that you can keep cool without worrying about hurting the planet. Models with a dehumidifier function feature a direct-drain option so that you can use the unit year-round. Several units allow users to control the fan speeds, which allows you to save energy by switching to a lower speed. Whynter units may include features such as an exhaust hose, window kit, and remote control.

What options does Whynter offer?

Whynter portable AC units come in many color, British Thermal Unit (BTU), and square footage options. While all units provide air conditioning, additional functions may include a heater, dehumidifier, or fan. This way, you only need one unit whether you need cool or warm air. Many units include an activated carbon filter which promotes excellent air quality. Some units include a remote control. Whynter also makes a smart portable air conditioner, which includes a wi fi connection and works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This lets you control the unit from anywhere using your phone.

Cooling power options range from under 12,000 BTU to a 14,000 BTU portable air conditioner. Room sizes range from 215-600 square feet. Whynter offers a choice between a single and dual hose portable air conditioner. Dual hose options allow for maximum output in large rooms. Many models include a programmable timer which allows you to customize the settings 24 hours a day.

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