Diode LED

Known for their high-quality LED tape lights and other fixtures, Diode LED makes the LED lighting you need to light up your home or office space. From flood lights to tape lights to drivers, Diode makes a wide variety of energy efficient lights and accessories that can save you money and energy. Shop HomElectrical to find the right residential or commercial light source from Diode LED today!
Diode LED

Diode LED Dimmers & Light Switches

Control the light in your home or business with an LED dimmer or light switch!

Diode LED Aluminum Extrusion

Browse a wide selection of aluminum extrusion LED channels to mount strip lights and diffuse light.

Diode LED Drivers

Supply the right amount of power to your LED fixtures with this selection of LED drivers, with options including constant voltage external drivers and more.

Diode LED Retrofit Kit

Retrofit kits allow you to switch to LED lighting without having to replace the entire fixture. Shop HomElectrical for Diode LED retrofit kits today!

Diode LED Tape & Strip Lights

Shop a wide variety of LED strip and tape lights in various lengths and colors for stylish accent and task lighting!

Diode LED Puck Lights

Browse a collection of LED puck lights available in a wide variety of shapes and color temperatures to illuminate your space!

Diode LED Linear Fixture Accessories

Find a variety of LED linear fixture accessories, including covers, channel decoders, bending extensions, connectors, and controllers.

Diode LED Splitter Plugs & Extension Cords

Connect your devices to a power source with this selection of splitter plugs, extension cords, and more!

Diode LED Step Lights

Improve the safety of your staircases with this selection of LED step lights available in different colors to match your décor.

Diode LED Downlight Fixtures

Browse LED downlight fixtures with benefits including gimbal recessed light, flood or spot distribution, and more.

Diode LED Flood Light

Browse a wide selection of LED flood lights including the Volante flood light series, which offers a wide variety of beam spreads, color temperatures, and more.

Diode LED Canopy Light

Brighten your outdoor areas with the quality LED canopy lights available in a variety of lumens, color temperature, mounting, and distribution options.

Diode LED PowerTRAX Track Light System

Discover the PowerTRAX track lighting system, including rails, modules, and more.

Diode LED Undercabinet Lights

Illuminate the dark spaces under your cabinets or in your closets with this selection of LED undercabinet lights!

Why choose Diode LED?

As the largest U.S. manufacturer of low voltage linear lighting solutions, Diode LED manufactures products preferred by lighting designers, architects, and more. The wholesale and manufacturing division of Element LED, Diode crafts low voltage linear lighting solutions, such as linear, task, and accent lighting, which works in residential and commercial applications. Diode LED fixtures include linear lights, mounting channels, power supplies, flood lights, puck lights, step lights, and controllers. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, color temperature, and lumen options.

What is a tape light?

Tape lights, also known as strip lights, refer to flexible fixtures that include an adhesive backing so they can stick to a variety of surfaces. Rather than an LED light bulb, tape lights use LED diodes to provide the light. Depending on the type of LED tape light, they may work in indoor or outdoor applications including undercabinet lights, under shelves, and much more. Diode LED tape light options include Blaze, Valent X, Hydrolume, Streamlite, Dazzle 24, Optics, Infiniline, and Squiggly.

Diode makes many mounting channels for their LED tape lights. Mounting channels protect tape lights and help create an even light distribution. They come in a variety of lengths, widths, shapes, and colors to fit Diode’s wide variety of tape lights.

Their tape lights differ from undercabinet or linear LED lights. Linear lights include light bars, and compared to round or square lights, a linear fixture emits light over a narrower area. Light bars refer to a rectangular fixture that contains LED chips and provides even light distribution, and unlike tape lights, light bars do not bend. Diode LED light bar series include the Tru-link and Fencer series.

What other lighting products does Diode LED offer?

Besides LED linear lights, Diode makes other types of LED light fixtures including flood lights, puck lights, canopy lights and step lights. Their Volante series of flood light comes in 1, 2, and 3-module options, with beam angle types include narrow, medium, and wide, as well as Type 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

The Volante series of canopy lights includes surface and recessed mounted fixtures. Just like the flood lights, these lights come in narrow, medium, and wide beam angles as well as Type 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 light distributions. You can choose between 2 or 3 modules.

They make two series of puck lights: the Triant and the Puralight. The Triant series features a traditional rounded puck light design that provides decorative or task lighting while the Puralight series offers square and linear fixtures with options for 1, 2, 3, and 4 modules.

The Mattone series of step lights works on both indoor and outdoor staircases and provides a 95+ CRI and dimmable capabilities. Choose between white or bronze fixtures, as well as vertical louvered and horizontal louvered. Power supplies include the Omnidrive and the Magnetic Dimmable series of drivers. The Omnidrive series has a universal input voltage and multiple dimming protocols. The Magnetic Dimmable series has a constant voltage output and can work indoors and outdoors.

What control and accessory options do they offer?

Diode offers controllers for your fixtures, including dimmer switches, sensor switches and color controllers. Dimmers and switches install on the wall, but you can also get a remote to control the color and brightness from anywhere.

Other fixture accessories include tape light covers, channel decoders, junction boxes, jumpers, and bending extensions that ensure you can install your lights anywhere and keep them running properly.

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