Diode LED

Diode LED

Diode LED Drivers

Supply the right amount of power to your LED fixtures with a driver from Diode LED. Explore Diode's collection of external drivers at HomElectrical today!

Diode LED Aluminum Extrusion

Aluminum extrusion LED channels mount strip lights and diffuse the light. Shop HomElectrical for LED mounting channels from Diode today!

Diode LED Tape & Strip Lights

Strip lights, or tape lights, adhere to surfaces and provide accent and task lighting. Shop Diode LED at HomElectrical to find the perfect tape light fixture today!

Diode LED Puck Lights

Puck lights focus a bean onto a small area to provide task or decorative lighting. Shop HomElectrical to explore the collection of Diode LED puck lights today!

Diode LED Retrofit Kit

Retrofit kits allow you to switch to LED lighting without having to replace the entire fixture. Shop HomElectrical for Diode LED retrofit kits today!

Diode LED Dimmers & Light Switches

LED dimmers and switches allow quality light control and energy savings. Shop Diode LED for more dimmers from Diode LED today!

Diode LED Splitter Plugs & Extension Cords

Splitter plugs and extension cords keep your devices connected to the power source. Explore the Diode LED collection of splitter plugs and extension cords at HomElectrical today!

Diode LED Flood Light

Flood lights keep your space lit at night. Shop HomElectrical to explore the Volante Flood Light Series from Diode LED!

Diode LED Canopy Light

Canopy lights provide outdoor lighting in a variety of applications. Shop for Diode surface mounted and recessed canopy lights today!

Diode LED PowerTRAX Track Light System

A track lighting system provides general or task lighting in a variety of residential and commerical applications. Shop HomElectrical for Diode LED's PowerTRAX track light system today!

Diode LED Downlight Fixtures

Diode offers flood light and spotlight recessed downlights. Shop HomElectrical for recessed downlight fixtures from Diode LED!

Diode LED Step Lights

Step lights illuminate steps to improve safety on staircases in the dark. Shop for stair lights from Diode LED at HomElectrical today!

Diode LED Undercabinet Lights

LED undercabinet lights illuminate the dark spaces under your cabinets or in your closets. Shop Diode LED at HomElectrical and find the right undercabinet lighting for you today!
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