Diode LED Retrofit Kit

LED retrofit kits allow you to replace your existing lights with energy efficient LED lighting, without having to replace the entire fixture. Diode LED offers a wide variety of LED retrofit tape lights that can fit in any space. Shop HomElectrical to find the perfect retrofit LED kit from Diode today!

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What is an LED retrofit kit?

If you want to replace your existing fluorescent, metal halide, or high-pressure sodium lights with LEDs, a retrofit kit allows you to install the LED into the existing fixture. LED lighting operates on a lower (12-24V) voltage than other types of lighting. If switching to LED, your fixture likely can’t supply the proper voltage to the LED lights unless you retrofit because the design works for high voltage (120V). Retrofit lights bypass the ballast, making this the easiest way to replace a fixture with LED lighting. This saves you money otherwise spent on replacing the entire fixture, and offers energy savings since LEDs use less energy.

Corn light bulbs offer the easiest retrofit solutions, but some fixtures require a more complex kit. Retrofit kits typically include the light itself, as well as a driver, screws, sockets, brackets, and fasteners, and some may include a reflector to direct the light. You can find retrofit kits for a variety of lighting fixtures, including LED recessed lighting, led downlights, LED bulbs and tape lights.

What tape light retrofit kits does Diode offer?

Diode offers retrofit LED strip light kits in a variety of color temperatures, lumen outputs, input voltages, and power supply types. Power supply types include SwitchEX, Omnidrive, Omnidrive Basics, MikroDIM, Constant Voltage, Plug-in, and Color Changing. Each kit includes 1 spool of 16.4-ft 12V or 24V Blaze 100 or 200 LED tape light, as well as a 5-pack of tape-to-wire terminal block connectors.

Color temperatures include 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4200K, 5000K, and 6300K. Lumen outputs include the 100+ and 200+ series. SwitchEx, Omnidrive, MikroDIM, and Constant Voltage have a 24V DC input voltage. Omnidrive Basics includes a 12V DC option as well. Plug-in only has a 12V option. With all these options, Diode certainly carries the lighting solution you need! SwitchEX includes a 24V 60W SwitchEX driver and dimmer.

Omnidrive pairs with select TRIAC controls, magnetic low voltage, electronic voltage, and incandescent/halogen dimmer switches.

MikroDIM includes a compact, 24V 60W dimmable power supply with no minimum load.

Constant voltage includes a non-dimmable and hard-wired 24V 60W power supply.

Plug-in works with any standard (non-dimmable) 120v outlet. It comes with a 12V 60W plug-in adapter and adapter splice cable-female, tape-to-wire terminal block connectors, and tape-to-tape terminal block connectors. In addition to the range of color temperatures, it includes a color changing option, and it comes with an RGBW color changing kit with a controller system.

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