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Keep your LEDs connected when you use a splitter plug, extension cord, or adapter from Diode LED. Diode makes a variety of LED connector products that work with their various products. Shop Diode LED at HomElectrical today and find the perfect products that you can’t find at your local store!

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What is a splitter plug?

Similar to a power strip, a splitter plug connects multiple sources to a single power source. Like a power strip, a splitter plug includes the cords that connect to the devices, but, unlike surge protectors, these devices don’t defend against power surges.

Diode sells many DC splitter plugs, ranging from 2-way to 5-way, with color options in white and black, and a choice between a single plug, a 5-pack, and a 25-pack. Diode also sells 8-way hard-wire splitters that join up to seven LED light fixtures, strip light runs, or bar runs to a single power source. They work well to create parallel runs with LED strip lights or other installations where multiple fixtures get powered by a single power source but require their own distinct connection to power.

What is an extension cord?

An extension cord, also known as an extension cable, extends the length of your power cords, allowing you to take your devices far from the power source. Extension cords commonly see use with power tools for home improvement projects and lighting fixtures and can range in length from 1 ft , 50 ft, or over 100 ft.

Diode sells a wide variety of indoor extension cord with color options in black and white. Types include DC plug, Molex, DC to Molex, male to female, tape to tape, and AC. A DC plug supplies direct current, while an AC plug supplies alternate current. A Molex connector uses a two-piece pin and socket interconnection, while tape light connectors connect two tape light fixtures. Diode offers power cords ranging from 12 inches to 72 inches.

An in-wall conductor wire allows you to connect LED tape lights by running the wire behind the wall. This lets you make any configuration of lights without making your cables and eyesore.

What is an adapter?

An adapter, also called a driver, provides the right amount of voltage for low-voltage LED lights installed in high voltage fixtures, saving money since you don’t have to replace the entire fixture. Diode makes 60W and 90W plug-in adapters.

The Adapter Splice Cable provides a hard-wire connection between LED lighting and a DC adapter. It changes the standard DC plug to two exposed wires that you can solder directly to LED strip lights. Diode offers 42-inch adapter cables with male or female DC plug options. The male version connects directly to the Triant LED Puck Lights, while the female version connects directly to 12V and 24V adapters.

The Plug to DC Adapter Connector connects a Wet Location LED strip light to a C adapter and can work as either an indoor or outdoor extension cord, requiring no splicing or soldering. Diode offers a 10.5mm plug and a 9mm plug with male and female options with choices between a black or white color, as well as a single connector, pack of 5, or pack of 25.

What is a splice connector?

A splice connector, sometimes called a splice adapter, connects two conductors and holds them securely together. Diode makes splice connectors for their Ultra Blaze, Valent, and Valent HD series of tape lights that attach directly to a hard-wired connection.
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