Diode LED Canopy Light

Diode LED canopy lights come in a variety of lumens, color temperature, mounting, and distribution pattern options. Shop HomElectrical for more energy-saving Diode LED lighting products today!

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What is a canopy light?

Typically used in outdoor lighting, a canopy light fixture mounts under an overhang and lights the area below using diodes in applications including gas stations, parking garages, automotive shops, decks, and porches. These provide the ideal solution for situations where the light faces exposure to the elements and often have wet locations ratings.

What are the types of LED distribution?

LED light distributions come in types 1-5, with a higher number indicating a wider beam. A narrower beam has a more oval shape, while a wide beam has a rounder shape. Alternatively, lens options include narrow, medium, and wide.

Type 1 works well in smaller walkways and sidewalks. This narrow beam has a width of 30 x 100 degrees. For the best distribution, place it near the center of the pathway.

Type 2 lights work well in wide walkways or narrow roadways and has a width of 50 x 40 degrees. Place the light near the roadside.

Type 3 lights work in general roadway lighting and parking areas, as well as sports fields and courts and has a 40 x 140-degree beam.

Type 4 lights mount on the sides of buildings and walls to illuminate the perimeter of parking areas and businesses, as well as wide roadways. It has a width of 30 x 140 degrees.

Type 5 lights produce a circular 140 x 140-degree beam. They work well at or near the center of a roadway, center islands of a parkway, or an intersection.

A narrow beam has a 30 x 30 degrees distribution and works best in spotlight or concentrated applications. A medium beam uses a 60 x 60 degrees distribution and works as a directional floodlight for general lighting, while a wide beam uses a 90 x 90 distribution and creates a wide floodlight for general lighting.

What types of canopy lights does Diode LED offer?

Diode LED offers choices between surface mounted, recessed, or flush, canopy lights. Surface mounted lights stick out from the ceiling, while recessed lights install flush into the ceiling. Surface lights work well for retrofits and remodels while recessed lights work better in new construction since they require precise holes and wires and they save space in areas with a low ceiling. Recessed mounting provides a more minimalistic look, while surface mounting lights gives the ceiling a more decorative look.

Besides beam options, you can choose lumens, color temperature, wattage, and modules. Lumens options include a choice between 26800 or 14300 lumens, while color temperature options include 4000K and 5000K. Wattage options include 100W and 200W, with two and three-module options. All Diode canopy fixtures come fully assembled and hardwire ready right out of the box.

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