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What is TIG welding?

TIG, or tungsten inert gas welding is used for thin gauge materials. Due to the nature of TIG welding, TIG torches have a low power output and won't blow through the metal. TIG welders can weld many different types of metals, and depending on your application, you will need to find the torch with the right power output.

How to choose the right TIG torch welding accessory?

Back caps: Back caps are used to apply pressure to the end of the collet. They are easily fastened by twisting into the back of the torch to keep the tungsten in place.

Collets: Generally made of copper, collets are used to hold the tungsten in place. They normally range from .020 to 0.25 inches in size.

Gas Lenses: These are used reduce turbulence when welding, and to increase shielding gas coverage.

Nozzles: Nozzles can range anywhere from 1/4 to 3/4 of an inch. Smaller nozzles will provide less gas coverage, while larger nozzles will provide more coverage.

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