Bobrick is a manufacturer of global washroom accessories and is headquartered in North Hollywood, California. They have been developing washroom products for more than 100 years. A few of their products include soap dispensers, toilet paper dispensers, stainless steel toilet seat cover dispensers, and more. Browse through our selection of Bobrick washroom supplies ideal for hotels, schools, arenas, or anywhere with a public or private restroom.

Is foaming hand soap better?

Depending on what type of industry and how much traffic is coming through the designated area the type of soap you need can differ.

Foam Soap - does not use as much soap to clean the users hands and is perfect for public restrooms that has a high traffic of people coming through it.

Liquid Soap - this type of soap is going to require you to refill the soap more often and can be more costly than foam soap.

What is a Bobrick hand dryer used for?

An automatic hand dryer is commonly used restrooms to dry the hands of the user. These are a great alternative to paper towels and will reduce the spread of any bacteria as the hand dryer will not require the user to touch it in order to start it.
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