Leatherman is a company that specializes in heavy-duty, built-to-last tools. With styles for outdoor use, do-it-yourself projects, or travel-safe tools, each Leatherman has an extensive list of potential pieces to make your life easier. Their products can range from pliers and wire cutters, to screwdrivers and bottle openers. The tools can be folded for easy portability in a pocket or bag. Safety features are in place to protect the user from any sharp objects, making Leatherman tools safe and easy to use while also maintaining functionality.


Leatherman Knife

Receive a quality, durable product when you choose a Leatherman knife.

Leatherman Pocket Tool

Featuring the power of one tool with many uses, Leatherman Pocket Tools offer convenience when you need it.

Leatherman Accessories

Keep your Leatherman tools in good shape with high-quality accessories, including sheaths and replacement pieces, from Leatherman.

Leatherman Multi-Tool

Providing convenience when you need it, Leatherman multi-tools feature a variety of tools in one handy location.

What can I use a Leatherman muliti-tool for?

Leatherman multi-tools are the perfect pocket tool because they are designed to give you multiple tools at once. Some multi-tools come equipped with a knife, pliers, wire cutter, stripper, screwdriver, bottle opener, filer, ruler, and so much more! Multi-tools work great for outdoor applications, like camping and hiking as well!

Why should I buy a Leatherman tool?

Tim Leatherman's standards for quality, durability, precision and attention to detail are what make Leatherman tools like no other. Ever since Tim invented the category, we've focused on just one thing - manufacturing the world's highest quality multipurpose tools.
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