Tools That Make Great Father's Day Gifts

By falyn_eaden Last Updated On 06/17/2016

tool gifts for dad on father’s day

handyman tool bag

1. Leatherman Multi-tool: Leatherman creates multi-tools, a device with multiple tools attached to one handle, to help prepare you for spur of the moment fixes. What makes the multi-tool so beneficial is that it is not only portable but versatile. Versatility is the strength of every tool collection.

multi tools for fathers day

The Leatherman Multi-tool may include but is not limited to the following:

Spring Load PliersBottle OpenerLarge BladeSerrated Blade
Metal FileMetal SawWood sawReamer
ScissorsPhilips-Head ScrewdriversFlathead ScrewdriverChisel
Can OpenerRulerHard Wire CutterWire Stripper
Needle-Nose PliersTweezers

2. Claw Hammer: Ideal for driving nails into an object and removing nails from an object. The claw part of the hammer enables you to dig holes, tear down drywall, split wood, and break ice. They also make excellent measuring sticks.

claw hammer tool for fathers day



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