Power Tools

Perform a variety of tasks on the job or at home with precision and ease with power tools from HomElectrical. You will find the top brands and easy to use power tools at HomElectrical, allowing you to expand your toolbox. Our collection of power tools can aid in an array of applications including: sanding, cutting, carving, polishing, and much more. Discover our collection of power tools to go through your project quickly and confidently at HomElectrical.
Complete your soldering and heating projects with a selection of heat gun and micro torch options, including an ergonomic soldering and heating multi-use torch.

Demolition hammers are industrial power tools used to break down hard materials like concrete, stone, and masonry.

Whether you are looking to do some quick automotive repairs or work on a large construction project, HomElectrical has the air impact wrench or the electric impact wrench that you need

Grinder & Sander

Shop for grinders and sanders, including die grinders, as well as sharpening benchstones for a long-lasting edge, at HomElectrical.

Power Electric Saw

Discover power electric saws, including a heavy-duty cordless reciprocating saw kit, to assist you on your next project.

Rotary Tool

If you have a variety of home improvement jobs to do including polishing, grinding, sanding, or caving, you need a rotary tool

Power Electric Screwdriver

Complete your next project with a power electric screwdriver as well as battery operated impact driver and impact wrench options.

Air Gun

Clean workspaces, tools, and other applications with an air gun, available in a variety of sizes and styles to help keep your space clean.

Hammer Drill

Use a hammer drill if you need to drill through tough materials such as brick or concrete

Electric Power Drill

Drill tools are essential for construction, plumbing, home improvement, and DIY projects
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What’s an Impact Wrench?

It is also known as an impactor, impact gun, air wrench, and air gun. This is a socket wrench power tool that is made to produce a high torque output thereby creating little action needed from the user. It can give you access to tight areas and has an anti-slip grip to give you more control.

What’s a Fixed Base Router?

This is a type of drill where the depth that you want is set and the base router will drill to that exact depth. It is going to require that you use your hands to hold it on the object that you plan on drilling. This will, however, give you more control and stability during your project. It will also accept standard template guide bushings.

What are Right Angle Drills used for?

Makes it easy for you to drill into tight spaces that would normally be impossible to reach with a regular drill. It is commonly used by:

  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Carpenters

It comes with a 3-speed motor and a side handle to give you more control.

What’s a Demolition Hammer?

This hammer was designed to break down big walls that are made of concrete. A bit is used to pound the surface, breaking the surface into pieces. It can also be used to break through any material that is considered thick, bulky, and solid.

What are Top Handle Jigsaws?

There are two types of jigsaw handles top handle and barrel handle.

  • Also known as a bow handle or D-handle
  • A top handle is more common
  • Slim grip makes for easy use
  • Hand is positioned above the motor

This type of saw can cut through wood, aluminum, and steel. The disadvantage, however, is that there could be more difficulty when you are maneuvering or cutting tight curves.

What is a Reciprocating Saw?

Is a must have tool for demolition and remodeling. This tool will allow you to cut through wood that still has nails within it and a variety of metals including:

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Cast Iron
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  • What is a Wire Heat Gun used for?

    This tool was designed for assembly and repair applications for places like laboratories and service shops. It is commonly used for epoxy:

    • Curing
    • Drying
    • Cooling
    • Shrinking Tubing
    • Shrinking Vinyl

    This heat gun can be switched from hot, off, and on. While its fan and heater will increase this tools life span.

    What is a Rotary Hammer Drill?

    It is a drill that uses rotation and hammering to break up concrete. This type of drill has three different modes: hammer drill, hammer only, and drill only. It also has patented brush plates that are used to extend the brush’s life.

    What’s a Right Angle Nibbler used for?

    • More precise than shears
    • Can fit in the palm of your hand
    • Can be used on different type of corrugated steel
    • A paddle switch with lock on/off
    • It also has 3-position head cuts: forward, left, and right

    What are Power Threading Machines?

    Is a type of roll grooving or threading equipment that creates standard roll grooves or threads on a variety of pipes including:

    • Black
    • Galvanized
    • Plastic Coated Pipe

    This machine also comes with an induction motor to help reduce the noise level of the motor.

    What’s a Bench Grinder?

    This tool is designed to sharpen, shape, buff, or clean the majority of metal objects. It was designed so that the amount of vibrations was lessened while you were working. Has a sharpening tungsten to help remove rust and sharpening mower blades.

    What’s the difference between keyed and keyless drills?

    A drill that is keyed is going to need a chuck for the chosen bit or attachment to be tightened. Keyless means that a chuck is not going to be needed and that drill will rotate until it is tightened around your chosen bit.

    What’s a Mechanical Tool Balancer used for?

    A mechanical tool balancer is able to hold tools that weigh up to 25 pounds and suspend them so that the worker can have the tool in easy reach. This can prevent you from accidentally dropping your tools and causing it any damage. This balancer, however, is not a retracting device and the tool that is attached to the balancer is left in that spot until retrieved.

    What is an Angle Grinder?

    • Also known as a side grinder or disc grinder
    • Commonly used for cutting and polishing
    • On/off lock feature
    • Easy handling with a barrel grip

    What are Rotary Tools?

    A rotary tool is a type of power tool that is able to use a variety of bit or attachments to complete a variety of tasks. It comes with a replaceable motor brush to increase its durability and an EZ twist nose cap for tightening. It is commonly used in:

    • Sanding
    • Cutting
    • Carving
    • Polishing

    What’s a Thumb Switch Air Gun?

    This is a type of air gun that is able to fit easily into the palm of your hand and is activated through a simple thumb movement. It is commonly used for cleaning purposes as it is able to reach into tight spaces.

    What are Power Tools?

    It takes durable tools to perform a variety of tasks on the job or at home choose from our large selection of power tools. Whether you are drilling a screw in the wall to mount your television or sawing down wood to build a house, a set of power tools allows you to quickly and easily finish the job. Get the industry's best power tools for your upcoming projects or jobs. At HomElectrical, you will find power saws, power sanders, cordless drills/drivers and more made durable from some on the leading industry brands.

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