Air Gun

Air blow guns come in handy for all sorts of cleaning jobs from blind holes to drains. HomElectrical sells a wide variety of air blow guns to meet your project needs at competitive retail prices!

What is the purpose of a blow gun?

Two parts make up the blow gun: the nozzle and the air gun, which runs on compressed air. The primary purposes of blow guns include cleaning, drying, and blowing parts off of work areas.

A long extension with a small nozzle makes a blow gun the ideal tool to clean a blind hole, which is a drilled hole that doesn’t completely go through the material. A blow gun reaches down and gets the loose parts out, easing the difficulty of cleaning deep blind holes and other crevices.

Additional uses include cleaning drains and breaking surface tension. Before you purchase a blow gun, make sure you know the depth range of the area you plan to clean so that you choose the right extension.

What safety precautions do I need to take when using a blow gun?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations state that the static pressure of the air gun must not exceed 30 psi. If it exceeds 30 psi and something blocks the end of the nozzle, the compressed air can build up, penetrate the operator’s skin and cause serious injury. Most blow guns require 80-150 psi to operate, so they come equipped with air relief valves on the nozzle to give the air flow another outlet if the end is blocked.

You also need chip guarding to protect yourself and your employees from flying pieces. You have two options to achieve this: a compressed-air shield and a particle deflector.

  • A type of nozzle called a compressed air shield redirects the air to form a cone around the nozzle that prevents debris from flying back at the operator.
  • Also known as a protective screen, particle deflectors are plastic shields that surround the nozzle.
Make sure you use one of these two methods in order to meet OSHA regulations. Before you buy your blow gun, check what type of nozzle it uses. Some air guns have a reusable collection bag protecting the operator as well.

In addition, OSHA requires that you wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as a face shield and hearing protection. You can also reduce noise by choosing a quieter model that still offers the same thrust, although you should still wear hearing protection.

What is a whisper jet nozzle?

A whisper jet nozzle has a unique conical shape that reduces the noise level of the air gun by having the air blow from narrow slots around the periphery of the nozzle, adhering to the nozzle surface and drawing in the surrounding air. This nozzle gives a high thrust at a low noise level and also saves you compressed air, which saves you money in the long run.

What accessories does my air gun need?

Besides nozzle extensions, you may find a quick connector useful. A quick connector allows you to connect the gun to the hose without discharging the system.
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