Dremel creates products at are designed to allow both experienced and inexperienced uses to feel empowered to create and finish projects. Dremel has a full line of easy-to-use tool systems that are perfect for a variety of jobs and projects. They are dedicated to empowering uses to express their creativity using quality and precision tools.

How often should I replace my steel brush?

Dremel steel brushes are designed to last 50-100 hours. For those who aggressively use their steel brush, you may need more frequent replacement. Dremel advises that users check their steel brushes after every 30 hours of use. Replace your steel brush when the carbon steel piece is shorter than 1/8 of an inch. After replacement, please turn on the tool for 5-10 minutes to make sure the steel brush is properly seated.;

Whats the difference between the 3000 series & 4000 series rotary tools?

The Dremel 3000 & 4000 series rotaries are similar. The 4000 series has greater control than the 3000 series. The 3000 series only works with newer Dremel rotary attachments, while the 4000 will work with older series attachments. The biggest difference though is that the 4000 series features a dial that allows for on/off and can change speeds in up to 1000 rpm increments.
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