Hammer, Mallet & Sledge Hammer

Pound in or remove those fasteners with the right hammer from HomElectrical. Hammers, mallets and sledge hammers are used to drive nails, forge metal, and break apart objects. And these tools are made to have a sturdy construction so that no matter what fastener gets in your way you can pound it in. The different types of hammers that we have can be used for an array of commercial and residential applications. Discover the perfect hammer, mallet, and sledge hammer for your project at HomElectrical.

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What are Hammers, Mallets, and Sledges used for?

Hammers, mallets, and sledge hammers are all used to:

  • Drive Nuts
  • Fit Parts
  • Forge Metal
  • Break Objects Apart

What are different types of hammers?

These tools tend to vary in shape and size but they are typically composed of a head, made out of a durable metal, and a handle.

  • Brick Hammer – like its name suggests this hammer is great for when you are dealing with brick. It can easily break brick apart with the help of the chisel it has on its back.
  • Ball-Peen Hammer – is great for those hard to reach places and can shape the head of a rivet.
  • Framing Hammer – commonly used in the framing of a house, this type of hammer comes with a straight claw for ripping out fasteners.
  • Tinners Hammer – has more of a smooth look and is commonly used for folding seams or setting a rolled edge.
  • Soft-Face Hammer- commonly used to bend metal, wood, or plastic without damaging the surface.
  • Sledge Hammers - provides a stronger driving force than standard hammers due to its larger size.

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