Hand Tools

Choose the right hand tool for your maintenance or building task. No matter the project, HomElectrical has everything you need—whether it be a wrench, screwdriver, or pair of pliers——to get the job done. Browse through our selection of competitively priced hand tools to find everything your project requires.

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Shop HomElectrical’s specialty hand tools to find the right product to tackle specific tasks.
Remove electrical wire insulation with wire strippers and wire cutters listed at affordable prices at HomElectrical.
Maneuver metal pipes or tubes into the position you need using a tube bender tool from HomElectrical.


Stock your toolbox with screwdrivers from HomElectrical including phillips head, flat head, and nut drivers to suit your needs.

Fish Tape

Find durable fish tape and additional products to help you on the job, including steel fish tape, mini cable snake fish tape, power saver line packages, and much more.

Cutting Tool

From metal, pipes, or wire, HomElectrical carries a variety of cutting tools capable of cutting through many different materials.

Tool Sets

Be prepared for your next big project with tool sets offering an assortment of tools capable of any task that may arise on the job.


Shop HomElectrical’s selection of pliers available in different models to firmly grasp and work with different materials.

Hammer, Mallet & Sledge Hammer

Find the right hammer, mallet, and sledge hammer to drive fasteners, fit parts, or break objects during your next project.

Connecting Bar

Shop for connecting bars, also known as sleever bars, to provide leverage during your next steel or ironwork project.

Hex Key Wrench & T-Handle Key

Shop for hex key wrenches and T-handle keys at HomElectrical to remove or secure hex bolts.


Offering the convenience of multiple tools in one, you can discover a variety of multitools with varying tool attachments, with possible options including needle-nose pliers, wire cutters, wire strippers, and more.

Fastening Tool

Shop for a variety of durable fastening tools to hold and secure materials while you are working.

Ratchet Tools

Shop for ratchet tools to gradually loosen or tighten nuts and bolts with stripping materials with ratchets available in different shapes and sizes.


Secure nuts and bolts the HomElectrical’s selection of wrenches available in a variety of shapes and sizes for applications requiring torque.

Grease Gun

Find the right grease gun to apply lubrication to mechanical parts ensuring proper operation and efficiency.

Utility Knife

Cut through a variety of tough materials with HomElectrical’s selection of utility knives available in many options to suit your needs.

Filing Tool

Shape different types of materials with filing tools available in different types to fit your needs.


Remove or spread materials from a surface with scrapers available in different size and materials suitable for various applications.

Stapler & Tacker

Shop for staplers and tackers suitable for use in roofing, screening, insulation, upholstery, and other applications.

Punch Tool

Create holes in the toughest of materials with punch tools available in different options from HomElectrical.

Putty Knife

Shop for a putty knife if you’re working on walls and looking to spread putty or scrape away materials.

Scissors & Shears

Find the right scissors for the job to cut through a variety of materials on your next project.

Sockets & Accessories

Save time and energy when you use sockets and accessories during tasks requiring torque.

Plug Tap

Create screw threads in objects using plug taps or tap dies available in different shapes and sizes to fit the needs of your project.


For a simple tool with many uses, purchase a wedge to align, lift, split, or secure objects in various types of work.

Screw Extractor

Remove stripped screws with a handy screw extractor bit or set to help you continue projects when difficult fasteners slow you down.

Hexagon Die

Cut or recut threads with hexagon dies suitable for maintenance or repair work with bolts, rods, or pipes.

Crowbar, Wrecking Bar & Slate Bar

Take advantage of leverage when separating objects by using crowbars, wrecking bars, and slate bars for construction or demolition projects.

Chisel & Pick

Carve or chip through materials using chisels and picks from HomElectrical’s selection of hand tools.

Retrieving Tool

Extend your reach with a retrieving tool from HomElectrical to grasp items in difficult spaces.

What Kind of Hand Tool Do I Need?

  1. Cutting Tool– Cutting tools make trimming through tough material easy making your project go faster. Cutting Tools are named by the type of material you need to cut, i.e. pipe cutters, cable cutters, bolt cutters, and more.
  2. Fishing Tape– a wheel of wire that is used for the retrieval or arrangement of electrical wires. This a common tool used by electricians.
  3. Hex Key Wrench & T-Handle Key– hex key wrenches are shaped like an ‘L’ and have a hexagonal tip for securing or loosening fasteners. The t-handle key has the same hexagonal tip but is ‘T’ shaped.
  4. Putty Knife– a common tool during drywall or plaster projects. Used primarily for evening the putty out but can also be used to remove paint and wallpaper.
  5. Retrieving Tools– a long stick that has a claw on one end. The claw opens and closes when the trigger is pulled. It is a common tool for those with an injury or disability who need help reaching objects.
  6. Scraper– these tools can spread or scrape off any unseemly material from a variety of surfaces. They can be hand-held or longer depending on its application.
  7. Screwdriver– a very popular tool that can come with a variety of heads including: phillips, flat, nut driver, and more depending on your needs. These tools are commonly used to secure and loosen fasteners.
  8. Sockets & Accessories– a type of wrench that attaches to a handle called a ratchet and is commonly used on nut and bolts. Creates a firmer grip on the fastener making it easier to tighten or loosen.
  9. Specialty Hand Tools– a specific type of tool that is used for a specific application. This can range from funnels to safety air guns.
  10. Stapler & Tacker- stapler and tacker guns are generally used for installing new roofing or common construction. There are different types that can benefit you depending on the application from a plier type stapler to a hammer tacker.
  11. Tool Sets– tool sets can come with a variety of tool or of different sizes of the same tool. These sets include: wrenches, sockets, metric & die, hex keys, and more.
  12. Utility Knife– a common tool on the loading dock or in the office. Usually a retractable blade that can be used on wood, cardboard, plastic, and more.
  13. Wire Stripper & Wire Cutter– usually shaped like a pair of scissors or pliers and is generally used by electricians. Wire strippers cut into the insulation material only that is covering the wire so it can be torn away. Wire cutters are used to cut the wire to make it shorter and fit a certain shape.

What are the Benefits of Using Hand Tools Instead of Power Tools?

It may not seem like it at first glance, but hand tools do have a few key advantages over power tools. It all depends on who's using the tool and what they're using it for.

Hand Tools Are More Portable

You can use hand tools just about anywhere, even if you don't have a battery or circuit to plug into. Power tools need to have a charged battery or the ability to plug into an electrical outlet, which limits where you can use them. This is why hand tools are best for camping trips or putting together an emergency repair kit.

Hand Tools Are Cheaper

If you're trying to get a job done on a strict budget or you know you're rarely going to use a piece of equipment like a wrench or screwdriver, hand tools are commonly exponentially less expensive than power tools.

Hand Tools Are More Durable

Hand tools can normally outlast power tools under the same amount of use and care. Power tools have a lot of moving parts and have electricity flowing through them. This means that they have a higher risk of damage from wiring issues. They can also experience breakdowns of their internal mechanisms, which can be a hassle to repair or get replaced.

Hand Tools Can Get Wet

Related to their durability is the fact that hand tools can get wet. Most of the reasonably priced power tools can't even handle being in places with high humidity, let alone being dropped into a full sink or tipped over into a clogged toilet. When you find yourself having to work around large containers of water or damp spaces. Consistent contact with water will often destroy a power tool, even if it doesn't end up shocking or electrocuting the user.
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