Hex Key Wrench & T-Handle Key

Secure and remove bolts with ease with a hex and t-handle key from HomElectrical. We have a large variety of individual hex keys to choose from as well as kits to ensure that there will be a key for every size bolt. Even if you are tired of your hand slipping on a hex key so much that your eyes are turning red, no worries. T-handle keys are a type of hex key that will provide you greater grip and stability while you are removing a fastener. Discover a selection of keys that are made with durable and long lasting materials for you to rely on at HomElectrical.

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What is a hex key used for?

A hex key, also known as a hex wrench or Allen wrench, is a tool with a hexagonal cross section. It is used to drive bolts and screws that have hexagonal sockets in the heads. This small and light tool provides extra length and leverage which makes bolts and screws easier to drive in or remove.

What is a t-handle key used for?

A T-handle key, a type of hex key, has a T-shaped top section that is easier for you to grip while turning.

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