WAGO is the global leader of spring pressure electrical interconnect and automation solutions. They develop a full line of products for packaging, transportation, process, industrial and building automation markets as well as others. Find a variety of top of the line WAGO products for competitive prices at HomElectrical!

Wago 873 Series Disconnect Lumi-Nut Connector

Designed as a safe and convenient connector, the Wago 873 series disconnect Lumi-Nut connector offers compliance with CEC and NEC requirements for non-residential wiring of luminaires with ballasts.

Wago 221 Series Lever-Nuts

With a compact design, Wago 221 Series Lever Nuts offer a fast and reliable connection in a confined space.

Wago 222 Series Lever-Nuts

You can connect solid, stranded, and fine-stranded conductors in applications such as lighting fixtures, pumps, loudspeakers and more with Wago 222 series lever nuts.

Wago Pushwire 773 Series Wall-Nut

$9.99Box of 50
$8.25Box of 50
Simplify your wiring projects with the Wago Pushwire 773 series wall-nut connectors available in a variety of size options.

Wago 862 Series Terminal Block

Connect solid and fine-stranded conductors with the Wago 862 series terminal block while reducing wiring costs in the process.

Wago Marker & Label

Keep your electrical supplies organized with marker and label products from Wago.

What kind of products does Wago offer?

They manufacture products for packaging, transportation, process, and industrial and building automation. In 1951, Wago created spring clamp technology, but they didn't stop there! Wago has been creating innovative designs to solve electrical and wiring issues with their unique terminal blocks and wire connectors.

Where can I use Wago terminal blocks and connectors?

Wago terminal blocks and connectors can be used anywhere from control cabinets and junction boxes to even carrier rails.

Are Wago products eco-friendly or sustainable?

Yes! Wago has made a conscious effort to package all of their products in recyclable materials. Their products are also RoHS certified, meaning they are free from lead, cadmium, quicksilver, hexavalent chrome, Polybrominated biphenyles (PBB), and Polybrominated diphenylether (PBDE).
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