Wago 221 Series Lever-Nuts

Wago's new 221 Series Lever-Nuts for electrical installations allow solid, stranded and fine-stranded wires to be connected faster and more reliably, while minimizing the amount of space in junction boxes. Their compact design is 40 percent smaller than the well-established 222 Series, and their transparent housing makes it easier to handle. Find the perfect lever-nut from the Wago 221 series selection at HomElectrical.

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How do I use the Wago 221 series lever nuts?

Simply lift the lever, insert stripped wire in the slot, and lower the lever. No tools necessary!

The Wago 221 series allows solid, stranded, and fine-stranded wires to make a reliable connection faster than ever before. These lever-nuts also save space in junction boxes because of their new compact design which is 40 percent smaller then the Wago 222 series. The Wago 221 series also features a transparent housing which allows for users to clearly see if the wires are connected properly and stripped to the correct length.

How does the Wago 221 series lever nut work?

The Wago 221 series lever nut uses cage clamp technology to secure and insulate conductors from hazards that could interrupt electrical operation and pose a threat to safety. The levers allow release tension when raised, and clamp down when closed.

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