Wago 862 Series Terminal Block

The WAGO 862 Series Chassis-Mount Terminal Blocks were created specifically to reduce wiring costs for electrical devices. They feature accommodating requirements for easy mounting, multiple connection points, marking, and handling. Find the right 862 Series terminal block for the right price at HomElectrical.

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What are the Wago 862 series terminal blocks used for?

The WAGO 862 chassis-mount terminal blocks, also called terminal strips, are used for connecting solid and fine-stranded conductors. This specific series of terminal blocks was developed specifically to reduce wiring costs of electrical devices. They also feature a variety of accommodations for user convenience.

How do the Wago 862 series terminal blocks work?

They are equipped with CAGE CLAMPs to connect conductors safely and securely simply by pushing them into the contact. The multiple connection points per pole allows for different conductor sizes to be used within the same terminal block position. The 862 Series also features snap-in mounting feet for fast assembly and push-buttons for easy handling. Flexible marking options are available with standard marking, marker strips, or custom marking.
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