Scissors & Shears

Make your job a little bit easier with a multipurpose tool like scissors and cut through your supplies packaging, wall paper, and even your mail. Whether you are looking to cut through electrical wire, tubes, or other heavy duty materials, let HomElectrical lead you into the right direction with our vast selection of scissors that can be used by both left handed and right handed users. Our collection has a range of lengths from 6.5 inches to 8.5 inches. They also have a great grip for both comfort and user accuracy. This time you will be cutting in the lines no matter what happens. Discover a pair of sharp and easy to use pair of scissors for your applications at HomElectrical.

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What are Scissors used for?

Scissors are multi-purpose tools that are made up of pivoted metal blades with sharpened edges so that they can cut a variety of materials including:

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Thin Metal (Foil)
  • Plastic
  • Cloth and more

Here are some other benefits of scissors:

  • Scissors can be used in the kitchen to trim meat.
  • These multi-purpose tools have specific finger and hand designs built in and they can also cater to left handed cutters.

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