Gardner Bender

Gardener Bender brings superior quality at an affordable price. Their electrical tools, wire testers, voltage testers, and professional tools have been the go-to solutions for many electricians over the years. Their products are all based on end-user feedback so you know that your tools have been designed with the ideas from hundreds of other electricians. Their cable ties are especially durable, and you'll never have to worry about them falling apart and leaving wires everywhere.
Gardner Bender


For electrical projects requiring running electrical wires, choose Gardner Bender Conduit tools featuring bending and fishing equipment.

Wire Protectors

Cover component and wire connections with Gardner Bender Wire Protectors such as heat shrink tubing, split flex tubing, or spiral wrap.

Cord Management

Organize, secure, and store electrical wires and cables with Gardner Bender Cord Management products.

Cable Pulling Tools

Establish electrical connections using Gardner Bender Cable Pulling Tools designed to move electrical system cables through wall or ducts.

Electrical Wire

Choose Gardner Bender Electrical Wire for copper wire and spool handling equipment for your electrical projects.

Wire Connectors

Join wires together with Gardner Bender Wire Connectors suitable for different electrical applications.

Electrical Switches

Control the power through circuits with Gardner Bender Electrical Switches available in push-button, rocker, rotary, or toggle options.

Hole Punch Tools

Use Gardner Bender Hole Punch Tools to create openings in spaces or electrical appliances to enable wiring capability.

Electrical Testers

Find circuit breakers, voltage, current, or resistance with Gardner Bender Electrical Testers designed to safely and accurately calculate electrical measures.

Lubricants, Degreasers & Cleaners

Shop for Gardner Bender Lubricants, Degreasers, and Cleaners suitable for electrical applications such as air dusting, cable pulling, or contact cleaning.

Wire Strippers & Cutters

Cut and strip electrical wiring with Gardner Bender Wire Strippers and Cutters to customize wiring for your electrical project.

Fastening Tools

Purchase Gardner Bender Fastening Tools to keep your electrical wiring in place with a variety of supplies.

Disconnects & Terminals

For electrical projects, use Gardner Bender Disconnects and Terminals available in a variety options to suit your needs.

Electrical Tape

Shop for Gardner Bender Electrical Tape to insulate and protect electrical wiring while color coding electrical projects.

Forehead Thermometer

Measure body temperature from a safe distance using a Gardner Bender Forehead Thermometer featuring infrared technology and a back-lit display.

LED Work Lights

For portable, temporary work lights shop for Gardner Bender LED Work Lights with select models featuring a Bluetooth speaker or cord caddy.


Purchase Gardner Bender Screwdrivers and assorted screw kits ideal for electrical applications like wall plates and ground terminals.


Purchase a Gardner Bender Wrench for locknut wrenches best suited for conduits and electrical applications.

Marking Tools & References

Shop for wire markers and electrical guides with Gardner Bender Marking Tools and References designed to help electricians with their work.


Shop for Gardner Bender Cylinders to store materials using CO2 and hydraulic cylinders suitable for industrial applications.

Electrical Connectors

Shop for Gardner Bender Electrical Connectors to link together electrical components to allow for a continuous current to flow through the circuit.

Are Gardner Bender Cable Ties sturdy enough for the job I need them for?

These flexible, securing cable ties are designed to resist harmful ultraviolet light rays and are primarily for outdoor use. These cable ties feature a heavy duty double lock style which has teeth on both sides of the tie, ensuring 50% greater strength than industry standards. Gardner Bender cables are dependable for almost any project you need them for.
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