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Stop trying to loosen a screw that has a stripped surface and make your job quick with the help of a screw extractor from HomElectrical. During any renovation, demolition, or even for maintenance you are going to come across a fastener that has a stripped head. If you haven't just wait your time is coming. Screw extractors are designed to fit onto the ends of drill bits and work the screw out of the surface. There are a variety of screw extractors to choose from each with their own benefits including: straight flute, spiral screw, and multi-spine screw. Discover how to quickly and efficiently take out screws that have stripped head with a screw extractor from HomElectrical.

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What is a Screw Extractor used for?

Over time, screws can become warped and can get wedged into the surface that they were drilled into. Whenever it is time to remove the screw, the stripped surface may cause an issue.

  • A screw extractor is a hand tool that is used for removing broken, stripped, or seized screws.
  • Screw extractors come in many sizes ranging from 1/8-1 1/16 inches to help in the removal of a variety of screws.
  • These tools make your job easier by removing screws from places that are hard to reach or impossible for the human hand to grasp.
  • Screw extractor sets come with 5-13 different sized extractors making them prepared for any of your needs.

What type of Screw Extractor do I need?

There are different types of screw extractors:

  • Straight Flute – these look like a blade and are perfect for pipes and fittings. It will remove the screw without expanding the material.
  • Spiral Screw – is great for those tougher materials with its increase of torque. But they do lodge in deeper with each turn.
  • Multi-Spine Screw – is able to reach into those confined or hard to reach places. It also won’t leave a deep hole when extracting the fastener.

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