Check out our screwdrivers that are a necessity for every construction project because of their ability to loosen or fasten screws. Browse through the different type of screwdrivers for your project including: Phillips head, flat head, and nut drivers. Based on what type of fasteners you are working with, the type of screwdriver that you will need will change. These tools are made from resilient steel so they will not bed or warp during their use even when we try a little improvisation. If you are also looking for a large supply of screwdrivers we have kits that feature a variety of tip types and shank lengths to ensure that there is a screwdriver for every project and need. Venture through our collection and find the type of screwdriver that you need for your application at HomElectrical.

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What is a Screwdriver used for?

A screwdriver is a manual tool that turns a fastener to either remove it or to drive it further into a surface.

  • It is made of a handle with a metal shaft on the end that inserts into the screw's head.
  • The shaft of the screwdriver is made of tough steel to resist bending or warping during use.
  • We also offer screwdriver sets of 2-13 different sized screwdrivers that will fit a multitude of screws.

What are different types of Screwdriver heads?

Choose between the different types of heads including:

  • Phillips Head – this type of head is the most common and is shaped like a cross.
  • Flat Head – like the name suggests has a flat bladed shape. Besides fastening or loosening screws it can also pry, scrape, or nudge objects.
  • Nut Drivers – has a circle shaped head and is usually used on nuts or bolts. It completely covers the fasteners and gives you a firm grip to start turning.

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