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Make an extra hole for that belt with a punch tool from HomElectrical. Browse the large variety of back-out punch and arch punch tools that we have to offer. These tools are usually hard metal rods with a shaped tip that can punch holes in the toughest surfaces when struck by a hammer or similar tool. Discover the different types of punch tools, from pin punches to aligning punches, and their uses. Punch tools are used for an assortment of applications from marking a drill point and aligning fasteners. Explore our collection of back-out and arch punch tools to find the right one for your project at HomElectrical.

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What type of Punch Tool do I need?

There are different types of punches for you to use:

  • Hollow Punches – are made to puncture the surface and are commonly used with sheet metal or leather.
  • Solid Punches – rod shaped tools that are meant to be struck by hammers and are usually used to insert pins to make an impression on your project.
  • Pin Punches – have a long head with same diameter as the tip. They are used to remove pressure or solid pins.
  • Pilot Punches – drives or removes hollow tension pins. They are commonly referred to as roll pin punches because of the slight bump on its head that allows easier access into a rolled pin.
  • Taper Punches – loosens and drives pins. It can be used for coordinating holes.
  • Centre Punches – marks where a hole might be drilled.
  • Prick Punches – does the same thing as a centre punch but is used on softer materials.
  • Aligning Punches – coordinates two different holes so that a fastener can be inserted. It is not meant for driving pins, rivets, or bolts.

What is a Punch Tool used for?

A punch tool, like a back-out punch and an arch punch, is a hard metal rod with a shaped tip at one end and a blunt end that is used to hole punch tough materials. The blunt end is struck by a hammer and the shaped tip punctures the material.

  • These durable tools are made of sturdy, tempered materials that resists fracture.
  • These punch tools are great for jobs that require insertion of pins, rivets, or bolts.
  • Each punch tool can make a different sized hole and can also make different shapes including hexagonal or round.

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