Rack-A-Tiers has continued to cater their products towards professional electricians. Their products are meant for heavy-duty labor, offering rust and waterproof capabilities. Today, HomElectrical offers a full selection of their catalog of products, from their Wire Dispensers to their drill & drive bits for drilling and boring applications. We are guaranteed to offer what you need from their selection of specialty electrical tools at low prices.


Rack-A-Tiers Power Tool Accessories

Get the job done with power tool accessories, including magnetic chip catchers, hole saw adaptors, thread pipe spinners, and much more from Rack-A-Tiers.

Rack-A-Tiers Top Sellers

Why buy RackATiers Manufacturing products?

Created In 1995, this brand was created by electricians for electricians. Meaning that Rack-A-Tiers main priority is to create products that contractors want to use. Each product is designed by REAL electricians. Only contractors can tackle problems that other contractors will run into. The President and founder, Ken MacLachlan, has over 35 years in the business. He and his team still create new products for use around the world. Today, Rack-A-Tiers Mfg. sells well over 140 products to help make your work life simple.

Fun fact: Many of Rackatiers goods are from the minds of people outside the company. Who knows, you may invent something that they could sell in the future!

What kinds of products do they sell?

Wire dispensers: The multi-purpose wire dispenser (RAT-11455) is made for almost any occasion you can think of. They can be used as ready to pull wire reels, workbenches, a caddy, portable tool boxes, a pipe vise, or even a seat. Shop HomElectrical for Rack's unique set of tools today!

Racky bits: Rackatiers uses a patented color-coding system to make identifying your bits an easy task. Whether you want ¼-in Red Hex Bits or a 4 to 6-in #2 Phillips and Square Double Ended Impact bits, Racks sells every bit type you could think of. You will always find the right size bit you need for the job. The color code style also makes it harder to lose your drill bits.

Tool belts: Rack supplies a selection of tool belts and bags for organizing your tools. The electrician bag/belt combo offers hammer holster, tape holder, nine pocket pouches, and a support belt. More than enough room for your tools and trinkets. They offer storage space in waist sizes from small to XXX-Large. Find the tool belt that feels just right for you.

Wire Stripper: Rack's copper wire stripper make money for you, by removing aluminum and copper wiring from braided wires and solid core. Do not throw your old wires away. Put your scrap wires to good use.

Cable Bender: Their supply of cable benders such as the Bend-All cable bender (RAT-77455), simplify the bending of cable. They fit into any standard half inch ratchet. Bend to the front, back, right, or the left up to 500 MCM. It is so easy you can even bend wires with one hand if you wanted.

For heftier work, Rack-A-Tiers Bulldog Bender (RAT-78500) work on wires in disconnects, lock boxes, wire-ways, and panels.

Fun fact: You can follow Rack-a-tiers facebook page and Twitter page (@RackATiers) for more product info or preview new releases with Glenn the Rackman!

Who sells Rack-A-tiers products?

HomElectrical offers the full selection of Rack-A-Tiers products available at competitive prices! Whether you are in the market for a tape measurer or a heavy-duty wire dispenser, HomElectrical Electrical Supply has what you need. If you need more convincing, most Rack-A-Tiers products are eligible for free shipping. At HomElectrical, we go beyond electrical tools. We also offer LED lights, light fixtures, HVAC systems, hand dryers, wires, and wire connectors for yous electrical needs. Browse our selection for low prices on all the products you need today!

How do I contact RackAtiers for assistance?

If you are ever in need of assistance with one of their specialty electrical tools, you are in luck! Rack has several lines of communication for help. They offer a call or text option for home or on the road assistance at 1-888-939-9991. They are opened Monday through Friday, from 7:30am to 5pm PST. You can call their main offices at (1) 250-479-8124 during hours of operation.The main offices of Rack-A-Tiers Mfg. Inc. are in Victoria, British Colombia. They have two warehouse locations, one in Victoria, British Colombia and another in Chicago, Illinois. As an authorized wholesaler HomElectrical provides free shipping on participating Rack products.

If you are not in a hurry, you can email rack-a-tiers using sales@rack-a-tiers.com. Whenever a Rack customer service representative is available they will answer you to the best of their ability.

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