Rack-A-Tiers Voltage Testers and Accessories

Easily detect voltage continuity and problems in wiring without having to use a continuity tester and when you use Rack-A-Tiers voltage testers. A voltage tester, or voltage meter, allows electricians and home inspectors to test leads and diagnose and test outlets with questionable wiring or outlets on new job sites to ensure correct wiring. Shop HomElectrical to find Rack-A-Tiers voltage testers and voltage tester accessories that perform electrical testing on any home improvement project.

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What are the uses of voltage testers?

Rack-A-Tiers makes non-contact voltage tester products that make it safe and easier to identify the presence of electricity and live wires and diagnose wiring problems. These electrical tester products measure the current from one side of the outlet to the other side. Some voltage testers also work as a GFCI outlet tester, which allows you to test GFCI protected circuits as well. The Plug Master Dual-Outlet Circuit Tester has multiple direction bubble levels to help you straighten wall outlets.

To detect AC voltage, use an AC voltage detector, which indicates the presence of voltage in insulated wires, wall receptacles, fuses, junction boxes, and voltage carrying electrical systems.

To test your energy usage, use the Efergy Elite Classic Monitoring System Kit. This electrical meter kit includes a transmitter, split-core current sensors, and wireless display. It wirelessly receives information on energy use from activities like turning the lights on and off or boiling water. Audio alerts let you know if you exceed your maximum consumption target.

A line splitter measures the current using measurement rings and features a receptacle and GFCI tester.

With the Wireless Inspection Camera & Camera Pulling Tool, you can see into hard-to-reach locations and see the pictures and videos from your smart device. Options include the Lite, Pro, and Plus.

What voltage tester accessories does Rack-A-Tiers offer?

Rack-A-Tiers offers a wide range of voltage tester accessories to go with the voltage tester products and help with electrical work.

The Efergy Elite Classic Monitoring System uses many accessories, including the energy transmitter, online accessory kit, current sensor, and DC adaptor.

Reference Point Locators help to mark entry points in materials such as concrete and wood.

The GPS Lightlock Astronomical Timer acts as a direct replacement for twist-lock photocells. The wire-in option also acts as a direct replacement for programmable timers and wire-in photocells.

The EZ Generator Switch transfers generator power to important loads including refrigerators and furnaces.

Proprietary Jack Locks come color coded to help networks identify the ports, helping to organize the network.

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