Rack-A-Tiers Power Tool Accessories

Rack-A-Tiers offers a wide variety of power tool accessories ranging from dust bowls to bi metal hole cutters. Made by electricians for electricians, these heavy-duty, cost-effective accessories make your projects easier and safer. Shop HomElectrical to find all the Rack-A-Tiers power tool accessories you need!

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What types of cutting tools does Rack-A-Tiers offer?

Hole cutters work with oscillating tools to easily cut device holes in drywall. Rack-A-Tiers makes these carbide-tipped tools in a wide variety of sizes for the hole you wish to cut. Rack-A-Tiers offers hole cutters in many different sizes and gang options to fit a wide variety of devices, making these more efficient than a reciprocating saw blade. The carbide-tipped steel hole cutter cuts mild steel and stainless steel. Rack-A-Tiers also makes a 4-piece and 8-piece hole cutter kit which includes several sizes, all tipped with solid carbide, making this perfect for cutting holes in any size.

The Hole-in-One Multi-Function Hole Cutter cuts through plywood, MDF, sheetrock, light sheet metal, ceiling tiles, and fiberglass. These circular saw blades adjust to the exact hole size needed and works at a several cutting speeds. The hole-in-one hole cutter also includes a dust collector shield and replaceable blades.

The Guide-O hole cutter works with carbide tipped steel cutters for expanding on existing holes.

The Cutting Tool cuts through wood, nails, and nonferrous metals up to 44 millimeters deep. Rack-A-Tiers offers bi-metal, titanium, and coarse teeth options.

What other power tool accessories does Rack-A-Tiers offer?

Dust bowls and dirt bags collect dust and shavings from drilling projects, making your space cleaner and safer, helping create a smooth finish. The drywall trapper collects fine particles and large pieces that fall from the cutting surface. The magnetic chip catcher provides a quick and easy cleanup, protecting your components from metal shavings that come from chip flows.

Thread pipe spinners speed up the process of taping IMC, galvanized conduit, and black iron conduit in mil tape and works in underground applications.

The ground rod driving tool uses a hardened steel material to install ground rods, rebar, and other metal objects.

The Puck Ground Clamp Socket works for eye-bolt and T-handles and allows ground clamps to easily install in hard-to-get places.

The Laser Plumb Bob II, a self-leveling vertical laser, lays out complex ceiling and high bays and works in all commercial, industrial, or residential installations.

The Javelin All in-One Extension Drill holds driver bits, nut drivers, and drill bits.

The Magnetizer/ Demagnetizer for Driver Bits allows you to instantly magnetize or demagnetize driver bits, tools, and other steel parts.

The Magnetic Sleeve Screw Holder fits Rack-A-Tier bits of all quality and works well for one-handed operations. With easy slip-on installation, you will never lose grip.

The ProGrabit #1 and #2 works on jagged and uneven breaks and works with quick connect chuck systems, extracting screws up to 4 inches.

The Installation Tool for Threaded Rod Anchors allows you to install 5/8-in or ½-in wood or steel threaded installation anchors when you flip the adaptor.

The Multi-Tools Blade Sharpener allows you to quickly and effectively sharpen multi-tool blades with a battery drill only, restoring your cutting edge. It cannot sharpen carbide tipped blades.

The Knockout Plastic Filler snaps in and out of knockouts and comes in a variety of sizes to fit your needs.

The Extension with Hollow Shank Nut Driver Drill Kit saves you the need to buy several drivers and drill attachments and gives you several all-in-one drill bit set. It adapts to any length nut driver as needed, fitting a variety of drill.

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