Rack-A-Tiers Apparel

Stay safe and comfortable on the job with Rack-A-Tiers projob apparel. From heavy-duty work pants and shorts to accessories like phone holders and wrist magnets, Rack-A-Tiers carries everything you need for those heavy-duty jobs. Shop HomElectrical to find the perfect apparel for you and your projects.

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What products are available?

Rack-A-Tiers offers several work apparel products with features to help you complete the job including:

  • Mid-weight pants with Velcro pockets
  • Full-weight pants with visible bottoms
  • Two-toned mid-weight pants with multi-pockets
  • Mid-weight work shorts
  • Wrist band phone holder
  • Disposable waterproof shoe cover booties
  • Wrist magnet for catching bits and screws

This apparel comes in a variety of sizes and fabrics to fit you and the job. Holster pockets and side pockets allow you to keep any electrician tool tucked into the side. One has extra pockets and the other has tool loops. The work pants include two holster pockets that can be tucked into side pockets. Tool loops allow easy access. These pants also include internal pockets for knee protectors adjustable to two height levels. The back pockets with flap and Velcro closure keep tools secure.

What weight and fabric options are there?

Rack-A-Tiers work pants and shorts come in mid-weight or full-weight. Mid-weight pants work best for warm temperatures and lighter jobs, like a weekend DIY project. Full-weight pants offer durability and protection on the toughest jobs, like heavy-duty construction.

Different fabric options work best for different types of jobs. Cotton fabric absorbs moisture. This makes it great for jobs in the summer.

Blended fabrics increase the properties of cotton. When blended with cotton, polyester and polyamide (nylon) increase stretchiness and durability. However, these cotton blend work pants do not work well in high heat. Polyester and polyamide both trap heat and partially resist water. Fabrics blended with one of these two work well during winter jobs. Consider how the fabric will work in the climate and on the job before you purchase your pants or shorts.

Why choose Rack-A-Tiers?

Rack-A-Tiers stands out from their competitors by making high-quality, durable products that customers love. From the Rack-A-Tiers website: "We' ll help you find it: Rack-A-Tiers has over 25 years experience in the electrical manufacturing industry and if we don't have what you're looking for We will find it for you!"
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