Rack-A-Tiers Tool Storage

Made by electricians for electricians, Rack-A-Tiers offers heavy-duty, high-quality products that help you complete the job easily and efficiently. Rack-A-Tiers tool storage products help you keep your tool cabinet easily accessible while working on any home improvement or diy projects. Read our buying guide and shop HomElectrical to find the perfect Rack-A-Tiers tool storage solution for you today!

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What tool storage options does Rack-A-Tiers offer?

A Rack-A-Tiers tool storage option protects hand and power tools while keeping them within easy reach of your work benches. Rack-A-Tiers offers several tool storage solutions with a high weight capacity for everything from heavy-duty tools to small parts like a tape measure so that electricians can take their tool chest on the go:

  • Molded air-channel suspenders
  • Ballistic nylon butt pouch tool holder
  • 9-pocket tool pouch
  • Electrician combo belt and bag
  • Molded air-channel support belt
  • Super Tray tool carrier
  • Drill storage & kit
  • Aerial tool bin
  • Tool apron
  • Reusable jar organizers
  • Electrician’s tool pouch with chain
  • Ladder mate tool storage

Which storage option should I get?

These portable tool pouches come in different sizes and hold different types of tools to accommodate a specific job. Some of these tool bags allow you to wear tools on a belt or in your pocket for easy and convenient access. Choose the tool organizer option that allows you to take all the parts of your tool storage chest that you need.

In areas with limited space, the Butt Pouch Tool Holder fits in your pocket, allowing you to carry your tools without compromising space . To carry many tools at once, use the Electrician’s Tool Pouch, with large pockets to carry everything you need. Rack-A-Tiers offers tool belts in many different sizes, allowing you to keep essential tools such as a hammer and tape right on your person, while the Molded Air-Channel Suspenders use nylon straps and a tanned leather divider allows you to fit the tool belt and adjust it to your size.

Other options allow you to carry or store a wide range of tools from your tool box. Rack-A-Tiers offers everything from small drill bit storage to a large tool carrier, which allows you to carry many tools while staying more durable than steel tool boxes. Organize screws, nuts, and bolts with reusable jar organizers. If you need to use a ladder, keep your tools close with ladder tool storage.

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