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Whether you need to work on a heavy-duty home improvement job or need to dispose of your trash at a campsite, RV, or motor home, Rack-A-Tiers garbage cans will take care of any trash you have. These trash bins handle heavy-duty trash, and their collapsible feature allows them to travel easily. Shop HomElectrical to find a Rack-A-Tiers trash can that handles the trash on the toughest jobs!

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What are the features of collapsible garbage cans?

A collapsible trash can expands and collapses, making it perfect for the kitchen, bathroom, on-the-go jobs or as a camping garbage can. Rack-A-Tiers collapsible trash cans use a heavy-duty, tear-resistant polytuf fabric and an internal support spring that “springs into action.” The Heavy-Duty Collapsible Exploding Trash Can measures at 1.5-in x 24-in when collapsed and pops up to 19-in x 24-in when opened, and when you have finished using it, simply push it down flat. These vented trash cans allow for easy insertion and removal of plastic trash bags so that you can easily dispose of any trash you have, and carry handles allow you to easily transport the trash can to wherever you need to go. If you have recyclables, the trash bin can act as a temporary recycling bin.

Why choose a Rack-A-Tiers garbage can?

If you need something a little heavier than a standard kitchen trash can with an attached lid and foot pedal, use a Rack-A-Tiers heavy duty garbage bin. Collapsible trash cans work well as outdoor trash cans and have many advantages over the more traditional rigid trash can with lid like those made of brushed stainless steel.

Instead of lugging around a steel trash can, simply fold up your waste basket and easily carry it around. Rack-A-Tiers garbage bins work well as camp trash cans or for on-the-go DIY jobs because the tear-resistant, polytuf fabric keeps your waste from spilling while staying flexible and easy to collapse.

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