Rack-A-Tiers Extension Cords

Keep your cords connected with general purpose extension cords from Rack-A-Tiers! Rack-A-Tiers extension cords with standard straight blades and cord connectors allow you to reach longer distances with your tools, and the cord grip and pro locks keep them from pulling apart. Shop HomElectrical to find the extension cord you need to keep your project going!

What configurations does my multi-plug have?

The Rack-A-Tiers Davis Multi-Plug comes in 9 different industrial configurations to fit a wide range of uses:

  • 14-30 1 PH, 125/250 V, 30 AMP
  • 14-50 1 PH, 125/250 V, 50 AMP
  • 14-60 1 PH, 125/250 V, 60 AMP
  • 15-30 3 PH, 250 V, 30 AMP
  • 15-50 3 PH, 250 V, 50 AMP
  • 15-60 3 PH, 250 V, 60 AMP
  • 18-30 3 PH, 120/208 V, 30 AMP
  • 18-50 3 PH, 120/208 V, 50 AMP
  • 18-60 3 PH, 120/208 V, 60 AMP

Before you start your project, make sure you know the amperage or amperages you will need, and make sure your plug matches that. With a wide range of voltage and amperage options, this UL-listed, 3-phase plug can cover a wide range of applications for any product.

What does a temporary light socket do?

A temporary light socket provides LED light temporarily during construction without resorting to expensive LED trims, fits in most residential LED cans, and works with A-19 light bulbs with medium bases only.

What is the function of cord connectors?

Cord connectors connect corded tools with extension cords, which prevents all extension cords of a particular configuration from disconnecting. Put the cord stop on the ends of the corded tool and the power cord, cover the stops with the barrel cover, tighten the straps, and eliminate the need to tie or tape your cords together when you use a Rack-A-Tiers cord connector.

What kind of extension cords does Rack-A-Tiers sell?

Rack-A-Tiers sells extension cords molded on heavy-duty standard straight blade 15a 125v plugs and connectors, which work well as outdoor extension cords because a heavy-duty outdoor jacket ensures they stay water resistant, while the strain relief cord grips, designed to prevent connectors from pulling apart, ensure that the cord stays in place. Options include 50 ft and 100 ft extension cords.

Rack-A-Tiers will supply you with all the extension cord products you need! From the Rack-A-Tiers website: We' ll help you find it! Rack-A-Tiers has over 25 years experience in the electrical manufacturing industry and if we don 't have what you're looking for We will find it for you! Stay connected to any outlet or power strip when you purchase a Rack-A-Tiers extension cord and keep your project going!

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