Rack-A-Tiers Drill Bit

Make a perfect drilled hole for your project with drill bits from Rack-A-Tiers at HomElectrical. Rack-A-Tiers sells auger bits, racky bits, and step drill bits that fit standard drills and even a hammer drill with an adaptor. Shop HomElectrical to find a wide selection of Rack-A-Tiers drill bit set products to make your job easier!
Rack-A-Tiers Drill Bit

Rack-A-Tiers Racky Bits

Using a color-coded system and different types of screw and drill bits, Rack-A-Tiers makes finding and using Rack-A-Tiers Racky bits simple and easy.

Rack-A-Tiers Auger Bit

Browse a selection of auger bits available in multiple shapes, sizes, and types for your convenience.

Rack-A-Tiers Step Drill Bits

Find quality step drill bits available in a variety of sizes to help complete your next project.

What is an auger bit?

An auger bit refers to a type of drill bit which drills holes in wood, while an earth auger bit drills holes in the ground. Common applications for auger bits include drilling holes for fence posts and drilling holes in stumps, using a burr-free lead material to make precise holes. Rack-A-Tiers auger bits come in a wide variety of sizes and types to fit your specific project needs, including:

  • Auger bit file
  • Quattro flex bit
  • Auger bit, burr-free lead screw
  • Overdrive boring auger bit
  • Tri-cut Auger bit
  • Auger bit, switch bit head installer bits
  • Auger bit combo
  • Shank
  • Guide tool for high-speed steel piranha bits
  • Drill bit extensions for 3/4-in and 3/16-in auger piranha bits
  • Piranhabits auger bits, high speed flexible bit
  • Reverse threaded driver bit
  • Auger bits with flexible shaft

Product prices, promotions, styles, and availability may vary, so make sure to get your products while you can!

What is a Racky bit?

A Racky bit uses a bit design that combines the features of a drill bit and driver bit for cutting holes in a variety of materials, and additionally, Rack-A-Tiers Racky bits come color coded which makes it harder to lose the correct bit. Each color designates a different diameter, so that Racky bits are easier to spot the correct tool, with options for the drill bit head that include slotted, magnetic hex shank, Robertson, and Philips head.

The five types of Racky bit include Impact, Robertson Square Driver, Philips, Lockhard, and Magnetic Hex, which ensures high torque as the chuck holds the six sides in place.

What is a step drill bit?

Step bits use multiple “steps” that allow users to drill holes of various sizes using only one bit, and with the conical flute design, the further you drill, the bigger the hole becomes. Step drill bits work best for drilling through thin layers of sheet metal, and the double fluted design provides faster cutting. With a full step drill bit set, you will have less drill bits to search through than if you had individual drill bits for each size.

Size and step options include:

  • 1/8-in to ½-in step drill bit, 13 step
  • ¼-in to ¾-in step drill bit, 9 step
  • 3/16-in to 7/8-in step drill bit, 12 step
  • 7/16-in to 1.25-in step drill bit, 12 step
  • ¼-in to 1.5-in step drill bit, 11 step

Why choose Rack-A-Tiers?

Rack-A-Tiers has over twenty-five years of experience in the electrical manufacturing industry, making high quality products using durable materials that consumers love, improving on already-made technology and creating one-of-a-kind innovative products to make tough projects easier. With their easier to use and harder to lose drill bits, Rack-A-Tiers will make any project easier.

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