Rack-A-Tiers Conduit Carrier

Ensure proper installation and alignment of cables with Rack-A-Tiers conduit carriers and conduit alignment tool! The conduit alignment tool allows you to align conduits without having to use your hands, and the conduit carriers provide easy and affordable installation of cables. Shop HomElectrical to find all the conduit products you need to make your next project go smoothly!

What is a conduit alignment tool?

A conduit alignment tool allows you to align conduits hands-free. The Rack-A-Tiers Magnetic Conduit Alignment Tool uses rare earth magnets that snap into place and align conduits without use of a measuring tape. It works with any 3/4 -inch conduit and strut fittings and works well for repeated use over a long lifespan.

Why should I use bag pipers to install cables through a conduit?

Pulling cable through conduit presents a challenge because the cable easily twists and gets stuck inside the conduit, and many types of carries cost a lot. Save yourself the expense of foam line carriers or any type of blower or vacuum system by using bag pipers as a cheaper alternative. Rack-A-Tiers bag pipers include a flexible and inflatable bag to attach to a suitable line to pull through duct or conduit and they work with a variety of conduit materials like rigid EMT, IMC, PVC pipe, and many others. When installing wire in a conduit, make sure the conduit is free from water and debris and that you spread lubricant through the duct.

Why should I choose Rack-a-Tiers?

Rack-A-Tiers carries bag pipers in many sizes to fit your electrical conduits, making these the perfect addition to your toolbox. From the Rack-a-Tiers website: “We' ll help you find it! Rack-A-Tiers has over 25 years experience in the electrical manufacturing industry and if we don’t have what you’re looking for we will find it for you!” Choose Rack-A-Tiers for affordable and easy installation of cable in your conduits. Rack-A-Tiers will help you find those products that you just can’t get from anyone else!

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