Let's Go Out: How to Use a Leatherman Outdoors

These are just some of the uses of a Leatherman while outdoors. The HomElectrical team decided to use one of our very own Leatherman Multitools, a Skeletool that a HomElectrical team member has owned for more than two years. We also decided to use his Skeletool in the photos, rather than a floor model, to show the true durability of these tools.




A knife has been on the hip of outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen since the slicing and cutting tool was first invented. Here are a few simple ways to use the Leatherman Skeletool blade when in the wilderness:

  • Debarking Dry Twigs for Kindling
  • Starting a Fire
  • Cutting Rope and Vines
  • Turning Food While Cooking over Fire
  • Cleaning a Fish

Screwdriver Bits


You never know what you will need to repair while you are in the wilderness. Getting access to the inside of your devices and equipment might be crucial to a great weekend in the woods with friends and family. Here are some alternative uses for the screwdriver bits that come with the Leatherman Skeletool:

  • Chisel
  • Prying Tool
  • Can Opener
  • Wine Bottle Opener
  • Boot Cleaner

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Wattson Lumen
Wattson Lumen

As a Georgia-born, amped up electrical supplies enthusiast, international Popstar, and unqualified lifequard, Wattson prefers to lighten your day with humor and led lights (Just don't ask him to jump in if you're drowning).

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