Sumner is manufacturing company specializing in high quality tools and equipment for the building industry. They specialize in pipe handling equipment, safety jacks, and a variety of contractor supplies. Browse through their selection of steel frames, lo-fold and hi-fold jacks, and other heavy duty material handling equipment today!

What are flange pins used for?

Flanges are the links used to connect a piping network. Flange pins eliminate the need for hammering, are easy to install, and help to align the flanges on manufacturing equipment. Flanges are commonly used in petrochemical plants, oil refineries, power plants, and water treatment facilities.

What is the heavy duty jack with stainless steel rollers used for?

This commercial jack is ideal for maneuvering heavy pipe and steel tubing on construction sites. 1½" x 4" carbon steel wheels are the most common wheel used with a 2,500 lbs capacity.
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